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Bears FanPulse: Confidence poll and the best and worst Thanksgiving dish ever

We check in on the FanPulse results from both Bears and Lions fans, and also peek at the National questions posed this week about Thanksgiving.

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NFL: New York Giants at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

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The Chicago Bears have won two of their last three games and are poised to climb back to a .500 record if they can knock off their NFC North divisional rival Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving day.

Getting to 6-6 would suddenly make those “in the hunt” graphics not as silly, but the Bears would still be a long shot to catch either the Vikings or Packers for the 6th wildcard spot. And yes, there’s still an outside shot at the division or the 5th seed, but let’s talk about that if the Bears can win go on an actual winning streak.

Let’s check in on the FanPulse this week for both Bears’ fans and Lions’ fans.

Bears fans with a slight boost up to 13% after watching their favorite team beat the New York Giants last Sunday. It wasn’t a very exciting game, but there were a few nice moments that the team should be able to build off of.

After a fourth straight loss, Lions’ fans are holding steady at a 7% confidence level, but I would imagine a win against the Bears would give them a big boost, because we all know that beating the Bears is very important to their fanbase.

This weeks national FanPulse had a Bears vs. Lions related question and I think it’s safe to say the CBS crew is getting the stinker this week with the early game. For the record, I voted Bears vs. Lions because Bears.

And now lets get down to the Thanksgiving nitty gritty.

The national NFL FanPulse voters were dead even in this vote.

If I want to eat something sweet, it’ll be after dinner when I tear into a pie. It sure as hell won’t be on the same plate as my turkey, and mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and delectable green bean casserole. So those gooey, brown sugary yams and/or sweet potatoes can take a hike!

The FanPulse went across all of SB Nation’s sports for this question as well and the results came in a bit different, but just as wrong.

First off, who are the neanderthals that are voting to get rid of mashed potatoes and stuffing? Those Thanksgiving staples go hand in hand with the turkey.

I will say this about stuffing however, give me the stuff made in a dish not in the bird. In a dish stuffing can come out with some crispy bits while the gunk made in the turkey crevice ends up too soggy.

Now about that green bean casserole... While not my favorite side, it certainly has a place at my table. I’ll also say that one made with fresh green beans tastes much better.

What are your Thanksgiving food takes?




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