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Bears Over Beers: Thanksgiving Extravaganza

A little bit of talk about the Giants and Lions followed by the important stuff: Which holiday foods rule the roost?

American Thanksgiving Dinner Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Did you think the win over the New York football Giants was the best thing since sliced bread? Neither did we.

Are you fired up beyond belief for the Bears to roll into Detroit and face a Lions team offering up their third string QB’s first NFL start? We didn’t think so.

So Jeff and EJ rolled through some highs and lows from the win over the Giants, previewed some basics for knocking off the Bears NFC North neighbors from Michigan and then dove into the really meaty topics: building their all-time all-star Thanksgiving dinner plates.

Have no fear, they included highlights of all the holiday dinner elements: main dishes, sides, beverages, and of course... desserts. So listen up and ride along with the guys as you head to your holiday destination or are preparing your own holiday feast for family and guests.


Jeff (@gridironborn): Founders Brewing - Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale

EJ (@thedraftsmanFB): Iron Horse Brewing - Mocha Death

Drop your all-time holiday plate (with beverage and dessert!) in the comments section below. Of course if you want to talk about the Bears... that’s completely encouraged too.

Happy Thanksgiving! - from Jeff, EJ, and all of the Windy City Gridiron crew