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Bears give the Lions a whomping to be thankful for in 24 - 20 holiday victory

Bears give up two early touchdowns, and the Lions thank them by rolling over for rest of game.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
To Bisky or not to Bisky: that is the question of the season.

The Bears playoff hopes are desperate at best, but keeping the Lions in their place is certainly a priority for our struggling Beloved. The John Fox era put some strange ideas about the NFC North hierarchy in the Lions silly kitty brains, and righting that narrative remains one of the few remaining priorities in a lost season. It’s nice to see the Bears barely pull it off against the Lions 3rd string QB.

Box Score

To Bisky or not to Bisky

Our beloved Bears are realistically out of playoff contention. The main thing that matters this season in whether the Bears see enough from Mitchell Trubisky’s performance to continue investing in him as their future. This game should be a good example for their evaluation. It wasn’t Trubisky’s best game; it wasn’t his worst. It was just Biscuit doing Biscuit things, Biscuiting down the field, and Biscuiting his way to three-and-outs. He took care of the football, neglected to throw to open intermediate-to-deep receivers, and racked up an uninspiring yards per attempt rating. He was accurate on short throws, and he invited unnecessary pressure.

The quarterback I just described can win if this defense is playing up to its potential. We’ll find out if the Bears think that’s worth settling for.

What a fun day for UDFA 3rd-string quarterback David Blough

The Bears defense was in a generous mood this holiday morning, and treated Mr. Blough to the joy of throwing a long touchdown to a wide open receiver on his first NFL drive. They even offered up the ice cream on his pie by allowing him to command a second drive effortlessly down the field and gifting him another wide open receiver for a walk-in touchdown.

Not a fun day for Prince Amukamara

Of all the Bears defenders, Amukamara was the most generous, failing to stay in coverage on both of Blough’s touchdowns. His lack of make-up speed was painfully clear when he was beat by a Galladay double move on the first touchdown. For the second touchdown, ‘Muk simply passed his receiver off to the wind.

I get the idea behind the Lions’ silly onside kick

You’re a lion. You’re fighting a much superior animal and you are shocked to find it on its back. Your best chance is to go for the throat. This is exactly what the Lions did. They even hit with their strike getting the ball back. But alas, the Lions paws were not sharp enough to pierce the Bears tough fur skin, and the lovable losers failed to capitalize on the possession.

So Leonard Floyd got to the quarterback

Good for him. It’s a shame his playfully friendly post-pass shove was interpreted as a third-and-15 converting penalty by the referees.

Tarik Cohen needs his running backwards privileges revoked

It’s been too long since he did anything good with that move.

This ragtag offensive line is playing as well as it has all season

With Rashaad Coward and Cornelius Lucas holding down the right side. I don’t know if I should be happy about this or even more disappointed about the early season O-line play. I’ll choose the happy route. Go Big Bears!

Trubisky looking a little run-shy

On multiple scrambles, Trubisky left yards on the field in an effort to dodge contact. I suppose I can’t blame him given his injury frustrations, but I sure would like the Bears to have those yards.ure would like those

Javon Wims

Is possession-receivering his way into a valuable role on this late-blooming offense.

For one drive in the third quarter, Trubisky turned into a pumpkin

Pie. He was 6 for 6 topping off the drive by whipping a beautiful over-the-shoulder heavy cream bomb into Jesper Horsted’s hungry paws.

Anthony Miller’s breakout party continues

It’s nice to have some young Bears showing up in big moments. Anthony Miller is quickly turning his narrative from underwhelming to exciting.

Roquan Smith, I appreciate you

I was starting to feel discouraged with the Lions’ final drive being allowed to drag on for too long. I really needed that sack to bring back my holiday cheer.

Say what you will against Matt Nagy. He’s 4 and 0 against the Lions, and I for one am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bears buddies!