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Fantasy Football Forum Week 13: Now or Never

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Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

It’s now or never for most fantasy leagues. Chances are, some of you are informally starting your playoffs this weekend, needing a win and maybe some help to get into the show. I’ve got one such team in the WCG Tourney. I’m sure you’ve all experienced something similar. A solid team, sitting 4th in points, but currently out of the playoff picture in 7th place... yikes.

At 6-6, I have to win and I have to get some help. My squad is fairly balanced with great wide receiver play in DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans, and Julian Edelman. Unfortunately, T.Y. Hilton hasn’t been able to stay on the field and help me out. My biggest mistake was counting on David Montgomery to be the rookie star I wanted him to be. Oops.

My other leagues are on auto-pilot right now, making moves for the playoffs, stacking up my defenses where I can. The WCG League of Champions is going to be ultra-competitive and if I can take care of business this weekend, I’m assured a spot in the semi-finals. Unfortunately, I get stuck with a tough matchup and the teams I’m currently tied for 1st with are projected to comfortably win. Sigh.

Week 13 is such a weird week because it’s either do or die or it really doesn’t matter because you’ve already stamped your way or have been knocked out. Where are your teams at?

Daily League Tourney

After another solid showing (4th straight week in the top 10), I have climbed up to 2nd place. The once and (probably) future king BoomShakUrlacher has fallen to 3rd. We’re all chasing Tyler, but I’ve closed the gap to less than 40 points. My big play that paid off last week was Derrick Henry. I have something of an odd fascination with Henry. He’s so big that he doesn’t really look like a running back but more like a cut defensive end or maybe a tight end. He, for some reason, loves to destroy the Jaguars.

Unfortunately for me, I made a big swing and miss on Matt Ryan, thinking the Falcons were going to get into a shoot out with the Buccaneers. Ryan wasn’t able to find the end zone and gave the ball away twice. A better choice there and I could’ve cut that lead of Tyler’s but oh well.

This week I’m spending some money on Zach Ertz against Miami. The Eagles haven’t played particularly well as of late but Ertz has been the only reliable target for Carson Wentz. I expect him to continue that down in South Beach. Otherwise, I’m rolling the dice on some players with spotty history.

For those of you in the league, remember that we are set up to do this through the playoffs!

Good luck to everyone in lucky Week 13. Hit up the comments below or find me on Twitter @gridironborn. My compadre Whiskey Ranger is found @whiskeyranger29.