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Bearly watchable: Chicago offense bottoms out in 22 to 14 loss to Eagles

Bears season fizzles out in an uneventful sigh that exhales the last breath hope left in the windy city.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles
Da Bearsss

Here's a thought. Ryan Pace calls up Jon Gruden with an unconventional offer. Bears will lose the rest of their games as long as the Raiders lose the rest of theirs. Bears two second round picks come earlier and Raiders two firsts come earlier.

Who says no?

That might be the most one-sided 0 to 3 first quarter I’ve ever seen

And perhaps the Eagles should be ashamed of their overall first half performance. I mean, they had the ball basically the entire time and only scored 12 points. Honestly, it's pretty embarrassing for them.

Confidence is a funny thing

When you have it, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you lose it, it can lead to a downward spiral of doubt, hesitation, and embarrassingly ineffective reluctant execution. Yes, I’m talking about Trubisky. No, I’m not talking about the good kind. Watching anyone lose their confidence is hard to watch. Watching it happen to your team’s supposed franchise quarterback is excruciating. He loosened up a little in the second half, once the game felt comfortably out of reach, but the way he played the first half is simply not acceptable in the NFL.

I don’t know if there’s a path for Trubisky to get his confidence back, but it’s hard to imagine it’s going to happen with business as usual and another Matt Nagy motivational speech.

Damn I miss Akiem Hicks

As Jo Ho freely stomped his way down the field on the Eagles’ first drive, the announcers commented on how the Bears had been so good at stopping double team blocks in the run game for the first three games and for some reason, it’s fallen off. I wonder what could have happened? Maybe one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL went to IR? That Bear is offically underrated.

Jordan Howard is looking strong

Good for him. Always loved him when he was a Bear.

That long throw to Taylor Gabriel was kind of cool


Leonard Floyd got some decent pressure


It's going to be a long season...