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Mannelly: Why is Adam Shaheen still playing?

Patrick Mannelly joins Bears Banter and weighs in on the Bears’ mess.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The latest episode of the Bears Banter Podcast has dropped and it has a fantastic guest in longtime Chicago Bears’ long snapper Patrick Mannelly!

Mannelly joined Bill Zimmerman for an excellent conversation ranging from HashmarkGate, the performance of the special teams, the struggles on offense and if the Bears should make a move to Chase Daniel from Mitchell Trubisky.

Mannelly’s comments across the board were compelling, but he brought up a great point about how poorly the tight ends have been playing, specifically Adam Shaheen.

When asked if the tight end position is the most disappointing position group on the team, Mannelly responded, “100%, and it’s getting worse, that’s what bad. Adam Shaheen has not gotten any better since he got here. It’s unfortunate because they don’t have a blocking tight end and he’s big enough to be a blocker, and he’s just not getting it done. He’s not using his size and athletic ability to get open. He’s a disappointment. He’s one, that if I’m in that locker room, I’m wondering why is he still playing when he’s not helping.”

To summarize Shaheen’s contributions, let’s quote the Bobs from the movie Office Space, “What would you say you do here?”

To listen to this great conversation, check it out below on the WCG Podcast Channel!