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Bears Over Beers: So Now What?

Chicago should quickly pivot to developing young players, but will they?

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Chicago’s season, in terms of the playoffs, is over the brink. Jeff and EJ break out some of the hard stuff to mark its passing and talk over where the Bears should turn from here. Development of young players should be prioritized from here on out and draft capital should be maximized... but will Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy choose that path?

It’s not all doom and gloom as your fearless hosts cover what went right in Philadelphia (defense played fairly well, pass rush was healthy, Montgomery showed up strong, second-half offense had a few flashes) and try to come up with some reasonable keys for the game if the Bears are going to keep it competitive with Detroit next week.

Some other topics get tossed into the mix as well, such as “What if Chicago had a real TE?” and would you be willing to get kicked off Mike Davis’s Christmas card list if you got a 4th round pick instead? All in all, it’s fun ride and excellent way to spend an hour, so listen up.

Beverages: Jeff - Bourbon, EJ - Tequila and Oranjeboom Lager

Twitter: The podcast - @bearsoverbeers / Jeff - @gridironborn / EJ - @thedraftsmanFB

Feel free to drop your thoughts about possible roster moves the Bears should make (now that the trading deadline has passed) or players you’d like to see get on the field in 2019 in the comments section below.