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Taming the pride: Windy City Gridiron picks Bears-Lions

The Bears reunite with a division rival as they try to resuscitate a season.

NFL: NOV 22 Bears at Lions Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For most of the past decade, the Lions have had the Bears’ number. While other NFC North residents have found ways to beat Chicago regardless of extenuating circumstances over the years, no one took advantage of the Marc Trestman and John Fox eras of Bears football quite like Detroit. From 2013 to the somber end of 2017, the Lions defeated the Bears in nine of 10 meetings. Most of the contests remained close, one-score affairs, but it didn’t change the fact that Detroit was enjoying unparalleled success at the Bears’ expense; at least since the 1960s.

Then Khalil Mack happened.

An extended run of failure ceased to exist in 2018. The arrival of Mack helped (unarguably more than any other recent Bears’ addition), but so did having an energetic young coach such as Matt Nagy, and a bright young core of players bursting at the seams. The Bears restored their preferred order to the Bears-Lions universe simply by virtue of possessing a top-five NFL player in his prime, while supporting him with competent to great complementary pieces. A head coach that never got in the way was a welcome bonus.

How things can flip on a dime in a calendar year.

Matt Nagy has been the Bears’ head coach for 1.5 seasons and his team is in crisis mode. Caught in the thick brush of a four-game losing streak, the Bears haven’t won a game since September. They are, theoretically, more vulnerable than ever to fall to mediocre opponent after mediocre opponent. Whether the 3-4-1 Lions, cheap imitation of the Patriots and all, can take advantage of such a wounded animal remains to be seen.

Here’s how Windy City Gridiron sees this match-up of the valley playing out.

Robert Zeglinski: Lions 27, Bears 13


Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: Lions 17, Bears 13

The Bears get a defensive touchdown to keep it close, but they fall short again.

Bill Zimmerman: Bears 13, Lions 12

I have no faith that the Bears can do anything right. My faith in this team is the lowest it’s been in years. That sounds like the right time to pull out a win out of nowhere.

Sam Householder: Bears 16, Lions 13

It’s very hard to play back-to-back games on the road in the NFL. That’s it, that’s the trend I’m going with.

Jacob Infante: Lions 23, Bears 14

Life is meaningless and in the end we’re all going to die.

Josh Sunderbruch: Lions 19, Bears 17

The Bears manage an opening drive touchdown, a defensive score, and a late field goal. This somehow makes it the defense’s fault when Detroit grinds out four field goals on good field position and a kick return touchdown.

WhiskeyRanger: Lions 20, Bears 17

If you’ll excuse me, Jacob and I have an appointment to get our hair dyed black, and a group-on meetup at Hot Topic. Existence is pain!

Erik Duerrwaechter: Bears 17, Lions 10

This game will determine the Bears’ season.

Robert Schmitz: Lions 23, Bears 14

Tension and frustration begin to boil to the surface as the Bears drop their fifth game in a row.

Ken Mitchell: Bears 24, Lions 13

Because Bears.

Robert maintains nothing inspires an existential crisis like watching Bears quarterbacks attempt to play quarterback.

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