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Fantasy Football Forum Week 15: The Semi’s

If you’re still alive in your fantasy leagues, good luck!

San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens
Is Raheem Mostert the hero we need?
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Sometimes I like to make a pickup late in the week, just throwing a dart, seeing if something might happen. Normally it’s a handcuff or a young guy getting a chance to fill in for an injury. Whatever it might be, sometimes it’s kind of fun to churn the bottom of the roster. Most of the time, nothing comes out of it. Sometimes, you get the most, I mean Mostert.

I took a swing on Raheem Mostert a couple weeks ago in the League of Champions and he’s now going to be sitting in my flex spot for the semi-final game. Truth be told, I could’ve used another WR because despite the Peanut Punchers getting a bye week, the real life players did not, and Mike Evans pulled a hamstring.

I’m limping into this semi-final against the presumptive favorite, License to Khalil. I wish I could’ve held off one more week and faced him in the finals, but such is life. I need a big game out of Melvin Gordon III, Carson Wentz, and, if it wouldn’t inconvenience you, maybe a little bit out of Odell Beckham Jr. Pretty please? License to Khalil counters with two of the hottest running backs in the NFL - Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry, not to mention Drew Brees and Tyreek Hill. Good grief. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

In the other semi-final, Whiskey Ranger is taking on another underdog story, the Champaign Cubbies. The Cubbies are led by Nick Chubb and George Kittle while our very own Whiskey Ranger counters with Saquon Barkley and the resurgent Robert Woods. These two squads are both kind of the underdogs in my opinion and it would’ve been more fun to see them play the other two teams (and increase my chances of winning) but here we are.

I really like Chubb this week against Arizona. I think Jameis Winston stays hot and Courtland Sutton comes up big for the Champaign Cubbies to keep the dream alive for another week. Oh, I almost forgot! The Cubbies got to this game by winning the quarterfinal by 0.02 points. Seriously, it’s the equivalent of a half yard passing and the closest margin of victory possible. It’s absolutely mind blowing.

Anyway, good luck to all of you in the big WCG Tourney as the points are starting to get tabulated this weekend.

Daily League

This daily league just keeps getting more entertaining as we move along. Tyler is holding a narrow 19 point lead over yours truly. Yes, I have managed to work my way up to second place, holding a razor’s edge lead over James Travis. Our once and future king, BoomShakUrlacher, has fallen to fourth, while Whiskey Ranger rounds out the top five. I’m having way too much fun.

I’ve got a lot of my personal favorites locked and loaded for this weekend and as we start to get down to the wire, I find myself reluctant to share what I’m doing! Maybe I’ll go dark for the playoffs, but for now, I’ll continue to give one player in my lineup. I’m really liking Courtland Sutton’s chances at a big game against the Chiefs. I imagine that the Broncos will be forced to throw and he’s the best thing going. Anytime you play the Chiefs, there’s a chance it turns into a shootout.

Good luck to everyone this weekend! If you need last minute advice, find us on Twitter @gridironborn and @whiskeyr