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What has Mitchell Trubisky done differently in his last two games?

In his latest video breakdown, Robert S. dives into the tape of the Bears’ games against the Rams, Lions, and Cowboys to find out why Mitchell Trubisky has been so productive in his last two games (and much, much more!)

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Mitchell Trubisky’s stats over the last two weeks are pretty ridiculous, especially when compared to the rest of his season. His completion percentage is 75.4% (rest of season, Minnesota removed: 62.2%), he’s thrown for 291 yards per game (206.4), and he’s produced 8.4 yards per throw (5.75).

Those are some sharp increases, to say the least, and they made me wonder — what is Trubisky doing now that he didn’t do during the rest of the season? To answer this, I dove deep into Mitch’s film from the Rams game, the recent Lions game, and last week’s Cowboys game to try and find an answer to the following three questions:

  • What areas of Mitch’s game have improved over the last two weeks?
  • How has that affected the rest of the offense?
  • What questions does Mitch need to answer over the last three weeks of the season?

Once I had my answers, I compiled them all into a new video — check it out below and let me know what you think!

Now it’s your turn — has Trubisky’s play over the last few weeks impressed you? What do you want to see from him going forward?