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Fantasy Football Forum Week 16: The Finals

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Seattle Seahawks v Carolina Panthers
Public Enemy #1 in fantasy leagues everywhere... unless he’s on your team of course
Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

I got McCaffrey’d.

Christian McCaffrey knocked me out of two of my three leagues that I carried a team into the playoffs. The third team managed to find its way into the finals to face... Christian McCaffrey. Insert angry emoticon face.

He’s been everything that you want out of a high draft pick and he delivered a huge performance in the semi-finals. It’s an almost unfair advantage to have him this season. He’ll certainly be the #1 overall pick in virtually every league next year and it’s hard to argue otherwise. Enjoy it if you have him, weep if you don’t.

In the WCG League of Champions, I did, in fact, get knocked out as I predicted. It looked like I had a chance to overcome the McCaffrey-ness of License to Khalil’s squad but Drew Brees and his near-perfect performance made short work of that hope. License to Khalil will enter with Brees, McCaffrey, Tyreek Hill, Derrick Henry, and Hunter Henry. His opponent, the Champaign Cubbies, counter with Famous Jameis Winston, Julio Jones, Nick Chubb, and George Kittle. To be sure, both teams deserve to be in this game and it could prove to be a blockbuster finish.

For me, I’m sticking with my prediction as the outset and roll with License to Khalil as the champion. Sometimes, you have to just respect the fact that someone has the best player and a good supporting group around them. Hats off to everyone who played in that league.

Daily WCG League

I’m sitting in 3rd place but fell a little further back of the leader than I would have liked. I really liked my lineup from Week 15 but I didn’t hit any random lottery tickets like Kenyan Drake’s 4 TD performance. Anyway, we continue to have a lot of drama and suspense heading into the final weeks in this league. I’m excited to roll with Terry McLaurin again. He’s been a personal favorite to take on the cheap side of WRs this season and although he’s no longer a cheap option, I love the matchup against the Giants. Scary Terry is going to be an interesting value at draft tables next year as he will likely be drafted as high as a WR2 in an unproven offense. Good luck to all the gamers within shouting distance in this league too!

WCG Tournament

After starting 16 weeks ago with 60 WCG members battling it out across 5 separate 12 team Divisions, it’s come down to this: An epic 10 team head to head match up for the Tournament Championship, and all the bragging rights you can handle! I have no idea who’s going to win, but I do know this. It’s gonna be a crazy weekend! Check out the match ups below:

And just so everyone gets the credit they deserve, WCG usernames are as follows:

0034 (lemaster), Thav (Thav), Jcanddabears (jcneall), Dr. Acula III (TrubiskyandWhiskey), TJGobig (TJGobig), NjBearsFan51 (NjBearsFan51), Kthomas9 (Kthomas9), JopekBears32 (JopekBears32), WhiskeyRanger (WhiskeyRanger), David_16 (Underdogs73).

Congrats everyone! And, just as a reminder, each Division Champion will receive a vinyl sticker with their Division logo:

And the Tournament Champion will receive a custom illustrated t-shirt:

Good luck all! May the Fantasy Gods be with you.

Need any last minute advice? Hit up the comments or find us on Twitter @gridironborn and @whiskeyranger29