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Chicago Bears vs Kansas City Chiefs: NFL Week 16 Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

The Bears are eliminated from the playoffs, and an MVP quarterback they could have had comes to visit in primetime. Fun times.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. The Bears are out of the playoff hunt. At the hands of the Packers. With the Chiefs coming to town, on Sunday Night Football. With Patrick Mahomes at quarterback.

Boy, this has been a fun week. How’s your Sunday morning?

The season’s not over yet though. There’s two games to go, and with that, two games to figure out a number of things:

  • Are the Bears confident enough in Mitchell Trubisky to go forward with him as the unquestioned number 1 QB?
  • Are the Bears confident enough in Matt Nagy, Mark Helfrich, and the rest of the offensive coaching staff going forward?
  • Can the Bears find something, anything, one thing that they do well enough on offense that they don’t have to jump to a 50 attempts-per-game offense?

We’ve seen what the Bears’ offense has been able to do in spurts, but over the full season, the first word that comes to mind is “disappointing.”

Trubisky’s Kansas City counterpart has been anything but, notching an MVP in his first full season and at the helm of the 10-4 3rd seed in the AFC.

This season’s too late to salvage, but the Navy and Orange have two games to figure out enough on offense to give them something to build on heading into 2020.

The work’s not done. Bear Down, my friends.


This week’s WCG Sunday Livestream is summed up in one .gif:

We’re disappointed. But we’re still here.

If you want to get in touch with us during the stream, there are several ways to do that:

  • Hi. Look down. See a comment thread? That’s where you should be;
  • Chat over on the Twitch side of things over at SJS_illini;
  • And of course our Twitters exist. For the entire WCG Sunday Livestream crew, I’m at @SJS_illini; Sam’s at @SamHouseholder; Jeff’s at @gridironborn; and the main handle is @WCGridiron.

We’ll be live at about 9:30 AM CT. See you then.