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Bears offense falls short of low expectations in 26 to 3 home loss to Chiefs

The Bears defense is still playing like these final games matter; the offense didn’t get the memo.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears
At least one Bear played his heart out tonight.

It’s officially garbage time for the 2019 Bears. With no chance at the playoffs, Akiem Hicks benched again, and thick cloud of doubt hanging over their young quarterback, the Bears only have two things left to play for. Pride, and pushing that Khalil Mack first round pick the Raiders got as far back as possible.

No one expects Tarik Cohen to push the pile for two extra yards and a first

All it takes is the element of surprise and 5 feet 6 inches irrefutable will.

Get well soon, Eddie Goldman

This big beautiful Bear left the field in concussion protocol in the first quarter, leaving the middle of the defensive line up to backup Nick Williams.

Kevin Pierre-Louis is making the most of his extended audition at middle linebacker

Pierre-Louis has strung together three impressive games at middle linebacker. He’s stepping in with both starters injured, and he’s playing better than plenty of starters throughout the league. He’s been a journeyman special teams player, but it seems like he’s gotten the coaching and opportunity he needs to make the case he’s capable of more. Good Bear.

And no, I’m no mad about the running into the kicker penalty. He almost made a great play.

Trubisky’s desperation toss to Robinson was Bears’ football at its best

When that ball left Biscuit’s paw, I can’t imagine anyone believed something good would happen. I should have had more faith believing going in Robinson’s general direction would be good enough. It was a lucky play when it couldn’t have mattered less. Bear down!

No offense, but this offense has nothing working for it

There was a stretch of games where I let myself believe this offense was starting to figure things out. The offensive line seemed to be clicking, the back-up tight ends were doing actual tight end things, and Anthony Miller looked to be breaking out with flare. Tonight, it was back to mistakes, penalties, mediocre execution, and a quarterback who was happy to follow along with the overall game plan of inadequacy.

Khalil Mack isn’t intimidated by Patrick Mahomes

Not sure I can say the opposite is true. Mack got the pleasure of a few one-on-one blocks this game and gleefully turned them into pressures, including an early sack.

This defense is still carrying the torch for Bear pride

Without playoff hopes, without offensive points through three quarters, and without Akiem Hicks, the Bears defense forced the Chiefs to convert third down after third down to get their hard-earned 26 points.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to watch this game with the Bears’ playoff hopes on the line. I’m starting to think the Bears might have been better off drafting Mahomes.