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Does anyone have confidence in the direction of the Bears?

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Dallas at Chicago Ron T. Ennis/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

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There are only four other fanbases as down on their franchise as Chicago Bears’ fans are down on theirs. The latest FanPulse confidence poll has us at 8%, which is tied with fans of the Carolina Panthers. But there are three fanbases even more disgruntled than that, with Los Angeles Chargers’ fans checking in at 4%, and Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars fans each bottoming out with a 1% confidence level.

Are things really this bad for our Bears?

Sure the quarterback spot, and the overall output on offense, took a big step back this year, but is this franchise so devoid of talent that the future is bleak?

With a chance at an 8-8 record these Bears aren’t as bad as others in recent memory, nor are they down among the worst teams in the history of the franchise.

This has been the most disappointing season of my fandom, but that’s due to the high expectations that were heaped on this group after last year’s playoff exit.

One thing is for certain, this will be a very interesting offseason for general manager Ryan Pace, head coach Matt Nagy, add current QB1 Mitchell Trubisky.




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