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Bears Over Beers: Burned by the Chiefs and Marching to Minnesota

The Bears got buried by Mahomes at home, but have one last contest this year to make to some positive progress.

Cincinnati Bengals v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Getting beaten by Patrick Mahomes is no great shame in today’s NFL: he’s a great player on a well-run team. Getting thrashed by Mahomes in your own building and then having him remind your franchise of how many spots later he was drafted than the quarterback he is playing against... is just plain worse.

Jeff and EJ dive into a (mercifully brief) summary of why Mahomes is Mahomes and then move on to previewing the final Bears game of the year versus the Vikings in Minnesota. Can Chicago build positives heading out of the 2019 season with a win? Which rookies will get significant playing time? Will Minnesota even play any frontline starters? Is there any benefit to Bears loss? The guys dig into all these questions and more with extra energy as Jeff will be attending this Bears-Vikings game in person.

SPECIAL PROGRAMMING NOTE: Jeff brings along what is possibly the most Bears beer EVER!

Beers: Jeff - Longsnapper IPA from Tighthead Brewing / EJ - Imaginary Friends Winter IPA from Everybody’s Brewing

Are you heading to the game? Will you even watch it? Or does tuning up the snowblower in your quiet garage sound better right about now? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section below, or as always, on Twitter.