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Brawny Bears batter Vikings backups in brutal 21 to 19 beat-down

The Bears managed to avoid embarrassment and push their draft picks back a little in uninspired victory over Vikings backups

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
Talented rookie Riley Ridley got some snaps and made a game saving play!

This game was destined to be a uninspiring end to a disappointing season. The results didn’t matter for either team, but worse, the Vikings would be playing their backups, removing the possibility that the Bears could come up with a win to be proud of. The Bears options were to either embarrass themselves, or defeat a ragtag mish-mosh of backups and impress nobody.

I was hoping playing against backups might be recipe to get this Bars offense going

If that worked, the Bears could ask teams to start their backups going forward and have a solid plan for their offensive future. You’d think Vikings backups would stand a chance against stellar Bears starters like Ted Larsen, Mitch Trubisky, and Eric Saubert. The results of this experiment were not inspiring in the first half, but the Bears actually made some successful adjustments and the talent difference started to show up in the second half.

Allen Robinson wide open in the middle of the field seems to be a good play

The Bears should do this more often. It’s easy for Trubisky to make the read and the throw and it seems to always be a good gain.

Nick Kwiatkoski keeps making big plays

I’m almost ready to ignore the fact that he’s slow in pass coverage. This week he came up with a truly demoralizing safety against the Vikings’ struggling second time. Good Bear.

This was a fun game for Vikings backup Mike Boone

He seems like a nice guy. I’m glad the Bears’ tackle-challenged defense was able to give him this opportunity. It’s impressive the Vikings backups managed to have such an impressive run game performance against Bears’ starters Akiem Hicks Eddie Goldman Danny Trevathan and Roquan Smith. Oh...

It might have been a better idea to watch the Packers game today

The highlights made it look like it could have been a great time for Bears fans.

David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, and Cordarrelle Patterson all had some nice looking runs

Despite some touch-and-go offensive line play, our Beloved ball-carriers showed off shiftiness, smart decision-making, and some good-ol’ brawny power as they munched up yards against the Vikings back-ups. Very nice to see.

Well, Bears fans. It’s been a season.