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Postseason presser recap: Pace & Nagy stand by Mitch Trubisky

Everything notable from the Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy press conference

Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Here are the big takeaways from the postseason press conference Tuesday morning:

Pace says that Mitchell Trubisky will be the starting quarterback in 2020, but that competition will be brought in. He sidestepped committing to the fifth-year option for Mitch though, saying ‘the season ended two days ago.’

To the question of will there be an actual quarterback competition: “That will be all part of the discussion moving forward.”

Asked if Pace believes Trubisky is still growing and can still improve: “Yes, he’s still a young quarterback and he knows he needs to improve, we know that too.”

Matt Nagy on coaching staff changes: “We’re evaluating everything right now, we’re going through our reflection process.” Follow up about this being hiring season so there may not be a lot of time for reflection he doubled down, “We’re going through those reflections.”

Pace “We’re not happy, now it’s solutions, it’s how can we get better.”

Nagy “We need to score more points...I look at the red zone.” Says he needs to look at everything, running game, red zone, quarterback play. Says they have to look at identity.

Nagy says Mitch’s biggest key this offseason is to understand coverages. Mitch has to recognize coverages and understand disguises. Later says Mitch is ‘not far’ from mastering it. Yeah...ok

On Mitch’s mechanics: “Not his of the things that he wants to improve is his footwork in the pocket. Nothing from the shoulders up, just his footwork.” Again...yeah, ok

Pace on how he stays patients when Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are in the playoffs and winning MVPs: “Understanding they’re all different, the situations they’re in.”

Pace on if his own bias allows him to objectively evaluate Trubisky and if he gets outside opinions. “There’s no ego, I never let those things effect my opinion.”

Pace: “Our heads not in the sand, ‘hey everything’s fine’ no one wants this feeling in their gut.”

“Patience with the quarterback, patience in sports is hard right now.”

Offensive line will be evaluated, including if James Daniels and Cody Whitehair are going to stay or move again.

Pace on Leonard Floyd: “We’re happy with Leonard. The versatility he provides, going into coverage, there’s a lot of things he does that we like. Would we like to see more production? Yeah, would he like to see more production? Yeah.” Says he played the run well, has a high motor, says he needs to keep working as a pass rusher. Says the pressures and hits are high but missed out on finishing

Pace on Trey Burton: Surgery on his hip, goal is for him to be ready for training camp. Hoping that the hip surgery was connected to the groin and that all his issues will be behind him

Pace on Roquan Smith: “He had a recent surgery on his pec and the goal is for him to be ready for training camp.”

Pace on Anthony Miller: Left shoulder surgery (again), goal is to be ready for camp. No longterm concerns though.

Pace on tight end position group: They will look at the position because availability is key and the guys they had weren’t.

Pace on kicker: “Reflecting back on that now we’re very proud of that. We wanted to hit on a kicker that could grow and continue to get better and I think we did that.”

Nagy on Pagano and defense: Says that they will talk with players and that another offseason for each side (coaches and players) to look back and give each other feedback will get them to improve.

Pace on offensive line “We want to be better on the offensive line. There’s multiple ways to do that, through scheme, personnel.”

Pace: “Mitch is our starter”

Asked about his philosophy of taking a QB every year but he’s done it only once, Pace said ‘when we got here there were so many holes. We were taking the best player available...Drafting a quarterback, developing a quarterback is important. It’s something that we talk about, it’s just something that hasn’t lined up.”

Pace on the draft: “The quantity of picks we have in this draft is better. We have enough to move around if we want. Having those two second round picks is huge, as we are getting a feel for the depth of this draft.”

Pace on Tarik Cohen: “He’s a huge part of our offense, he knows he can be better. We know he’s going to be a big part of our offense going forward.”

How much are you reading into their steadfast support of Mitch? Just lip service or are they going to actually ride into 2020?