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Fishbain: Trubisky’s play has improved, but he still has much to prove.

Kevin Fishbain joined the Bears Banter Podcast and discussed Mitchell Trubisky’s play the last few weeks.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The latest epsiode of the Bears Banter Podcast has dropped and Bill Zimmerman is joined by The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain. Fishbain and Zimmerman discuss the Chicago Bears playoff hopes (or lack there of), the play of the defense and why Chuck Pagano hasn’t been as aggressive this year, and Kevin gives his analysis and opinion of Matt Nagy as the head coach of the team (not the offensive coach).

Fishbain and Zimmerman started their conversation discussing none other than Mitchell Trubisky. Clearly, Trubisky’s play has improved the last few weeks, especially against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving but has he turned the corner? Fishbain says to hold your horses.

“It’s hard to go all the way there [that he’s turned the corner], because as you said we haven’t really seen him do it consistently week after week against good teams,” Fishbain stated. “I think last December- Packers, 49ers, Vikings- was probably his best stretch as a pro, but you alluded to it, it was probably just more efficient game manager stuff, not a lot of big-time plays except the touchdown to Trey Burton to beat the Packers. We’ve seen signs in the past three or four games that he is improving, that he’s playing better. Is he playing at a level that would make anybody confident that the Bears can take a breath of fresh air and a sigh of relief that he’s the guy? No, we haven’t seen that. But I think there’s been enough to say, ‘ok, there’s something for him to build on.’”

It’s a great chat with Fishbain, we highly recommend you check out the podcast below for more great content!