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[Video] Breaking Down the Bears: Anthony Miller

Robert Schmitz is giving us a video breakdown of Anthony Miller’s rookie year and the future is bright for the Bears wide out.

NFL: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers
Anthony Miller dances in the end zone. In other news, water is wet.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey y’all! I spent the last few weeks putting together a video breakdown of our favorite rookie WR, Anthony Miller. I posted it in pieces on Twitter, but I also stuck it together into a youtube video for easy viewing. It includes sections on:

  1. What makes Miller’s route running so good
  2. How his awareness affects every play
  3. Outside factors that held back his production
  4. Rookie mistakes he’ll look to clean up.

Check it out and let me know what you think! Happy Monday!

FYI - The video might redirect you to YouTube.

For those looking for a transcript (I know, we all work), here is a synopsis on each section’s findings:

Route Running: Miller’s shifty running style keeps defenders guessing at all times, creating separation all over the field. And when defenses try to bully him physically? Forget about it, Miller’s not afraid to take a hit. His change of direction and toughness create a devastating one-two punch

Awareness: But almost more impressive than Miller’s route running is his awareness of what he needs to do on every play. Through flattening routes, reading safeties, settling into zones, and ID-ing LBs, Miller shows he understands the nuance of the position in only his first NFL year. Wow.

Outside Factors: Interestingly enough, it seems that some of Miller’s biggest plays were the plays that didn’t happen. Between the MIA and NE games, Trubisky and Miller failed to connect no less than 4 times with clear paths to the end zone. Trubisky improved later, but this hurt Miller’s #s.

Rookie Mistakes: All rookies make mistakes, and Miller was no exception. From an illegal batted ball to a costly OPI, Miller learned a few rules the hard way as the season progressed. Though he dropped 3 passes during the year, Miller’s end zone reliability has me confident his hands will be fine

These aren’t perfect summaries, so be sure to check out the video for a full walk-through of each section. Bear down!