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Happy Birthday Khalil Mack with his Top 10 Plays

And a hearty Chicago sized thank you to Jon Gruden!

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The iconic Superfans are led by Bill Swerski, his brother Bob, and longtime friends, Pat Arnold, Carl Wollarski, and Todd O’Connor. However, Bill usually does the heavy lifting on these articles.

I know for a fact that Todd still wakes up every morning and pinches himself to ensure he’s not still dreaming about Khalil Mack being a member of our Chicago Bears. Todd’s longtime recurring dream wasn’t only about the Beloved snagging the most ferocious edge rusher in the game today, but also about he and Coach Ditka partaking in some adult beverages whilst enjoying a smorgasbord highlighted by sausages from around the world.

I think it’s safe to say that Todd isn’t the only Bears’ fan that at the very least cracks a smile when thinking about the trade on September 1, 2018 that altered the state of a certain franchise that has regained its rightful place atop the NFC North. A certain franchise that is back on the path towards greatness. A certain franchise that will begin their 100th season in style as an NFC favorite for the Super Bowl.

While general manager Ryan Pace has taken us on an exciting rebuild these last few years, it was his fleecing of Jon Gruden for Mack that was the sport-pepper atop the tasty hot dog that is the 2018 Chicago Bears.

Happy Birthday Khalil Mack! We’re raising a cold one to you today!

I still remember where I was when news of the trade went down. I was cooking up my customary Saturday morning breakfast — a three egg omelet with Italian breakfast sausage, bacon, onions, green peppers, and Gouda cheese, with hash-browns, and two slices of sourdough toast — when my special Navy and Orange Bears phone alerted me to the transaction via a text from Carl.

Followed by a text from my brother Bob.

It was a glorious moment. I called Pat to relay the news, and since it was a Saturday morning and we knew Todd would be recovering from the night before, we all met at his house to deliver the news to him personally.

After convincing him he wasn’t dreaming (for forty-five freaking minutes) we all shot over to my cousin Lou’s tavern for celebratory pitcher of beer.

That date (9/1/18) will forever me etched into the memory banks just like December 29, 1963, January 28, 1975, and January 26, 1986.

Where were you when news of the trade broke?