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Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In our last WCG Chicago Bears’ Offseason Roundtable topic, we asked you guys to give us your least favorite (non-Packer) player, so this time out we want to take it a positive spin.

Who is your favorite non-Bears player and why?

We couldn’t just ask, ‘Who is your fav player?’ because we would have had several Macks, Trubiskys, Howards, Akiems, etc. littering the comment thread, so we had to take the Bears out of the equation.

Here’s how we answered.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: I used to really enjoy watching Joe Thomas play football before he retired (seriously, go find some Thomas tape, he was a beast), but since he’s gone I’ll go with Russell Wilson. I’ve always liked watching mobile QBs play the game, and Wilson is fun to watch.

Sam Householder: I enjoy watching a lot of different guys play. I gravitate towards guys that played in the Mid-American Conference, since I went to a MAC school. Until he went full-on diva, I enjoyed Antonio Brown. Of course I pull for Ball State guys like Willie Snead.

But the one player I’ve really loved watching since he was in college is Russell Wilson. He’s so much fun to watch. I think his game is Trubisky’s ceiling and I think that he is quickly becoming one of the best QBs in the league.

Robert Schmitz: Jay Cutler Tony Romo. Hey, you didn’t make me pick a current non-Bears player! As a closet Cowboy fan, I always admired the way that both Romo and Cutler endured criticism regardless of who was actually making mistakes. They’ve always seemed fairly similar while wildly different; after all, Tony had all of Dallas claiming “he sucks! He’s the reason we suck!” after throwing for 506 yards in a game and ending a 51-48 contest (in which he got no rush support) with an interception. While Romo was never elite, he was consistently the reason that Dallas was good enough to stay 8-8 for a decade and I respect that. He’s also a heck of a broadcaster.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: Drew Brees. For a QB that not a lot of teams wanted strictly because of his size and physical traits, and a man that had to fight for his career to be salvaged, he’s made himself into a first-ballot Hall of Fame player. He does so much for his community and organizations across the country, too.

People felt his career could be coming to an end when he tore his ACL and eventually was replaced by Phillip Rivers. He proved otherwise.

To this day I feel the Chargers made a huge mistake replacing Brees with Rivers. Yeah, yeah, the difference in terms production hasn’t been significant on paper. But Brees is capable of winning Super Bowls; Rivers rarely wins playoff games. That’s the distinction between the two.

Jacob Infante: Aaron Donald. In my opinion, he is the most dominant player in the NFL at any position. He is a freak athlete who does just about everything perfectly, and he’s just so much fun to watch. Patrick Mahomes is a close because he’s so wickedly talented, but I’d like to see another season or two out of him before he secures a top spot.

Jeff Berckes: Lots of contenders with University of Iowa players always getting a bump for representing the state. That goes for my fellow University of Northern Iowa grad David Johnson too. Outside of that, there are a ton of players I like but my favorite is probably Keenan Allen - I think he’s the best route runner in football and I find his game fascinating to watch.

WhiskeyRanger: Give me Todd Gurley. Sure, some of it is that offense... but I’ll be damned if he’s not exciting to watch (when he’s not being shut down by the Bears that is). Every time he touches the ball, you lean forward just a little bit. That’s the sign of an player that’s fun to watch.

Josh Sunderbruch: Khalil Mack. I’ve always admired his game...wait, no, he’s a Bear now. Honestly, at this point, Mahomes. Kid seems like he’s loving the game.

Ken Mitchell: This one is dead easy for me as well, Larry Fitzgerald is the guy. Fitzgerald has everything... Hall Of Fame talent, “wow” skills, outstanding character, work ethic, the whole package. If you were going to show an NFL rookie how to be a player for 10 years or more in this league, the perfect role model would be Larry Fitzgerald.

Now it’s your turn. Give us your favorite player that doesn’t play for the Bears.

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