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Bears Season in review: Stock up, stock down

Let’s look back at my weekly picks and see if any trends showed up for the 2018 season

NFL: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This season I wrote a weekly stock up, stock down piece. In total I wrote 15 stock up, stock down articles between the regular season (14) and then the playoff game.

I decided to look back at them and see if there were any patterns, players I preferred, players that appeared in one side or the other through early versus later in the season.

Here is a table with the breakdown of each of the players, how many times they were up or down and which game week it was that they were each.

Stock up/down

Player Up Down Up Weeks Down Weeks
Player Up Down Up Weeks Down Weeks
Khalil Mack 1 0 1
Jordan Howard 3 3 1,8,13 4,10,12
Allen Robinson 5 0 1, 2, 6, 10, 18
Prince Amukamara 1 2 2 9,11
Danny Trevathan 1 0 2
Sherrick McManis 1 0 3
Kyle Long 1 0 3
Trey Burton 2 3 3,7 11,12,13
Mitch Trubisky 4 5 4, 10, 15, 18 1, 2, 3, 9, 14
Eddie Jackson 2 3 4,11 6,7,8
Taylor Gabriel 1 1 4 13
Tarik Cohen 3 0 6,12,13
Roquan Smith 4 1 6, 12, 14, 15 11
Bilal Nichols 1 0 7
Kyle Fuller 3 2 7,9,13 2, 18
Bryce Callahan 2 0 8, 10
Anthony Miller 2 1 8,9 15
Kyle Fuller 1 2 9 2, 18
Cody Parkey 1 4 11 6, 10, 14, 18
Akiem Hicks 1 1 11 15
Chase Daniel 1 1 12 13
James Daniels 1 1 14 8
Eddie Goldman 1 0 14
Leonard Floyd 3 4 9,15,18 1, 2, 6, 8
Nick Kwiatkowski 0 1 1
Charles Leno 0 2 9, 12
Josh Bellamy 0 1 14
Kevin White 0 1 4
Dion Sims 0 1 7
Ben Braunecker 0 1 7
Taquan Mizzell 0 2 10, 15
Adrian Amos 0 1 18
Eric Kush 0 1 3
Kevin Toliver 0 2 3, 4


  • Trubisky’s inconsistency shows up given that he was almost equally split between up and down. He did improve though, with three downs in the first half of the season against one up and then three ups in the back half of the season, including the playoffs and two downs.
  • Either I really like Allen Robinson or he was a quietly consistent performer for the Bears. I knew I liked him early but I had no idea he led the team in stock up appearances with five and no appearances on the down side.
  • I was probably tougher on Eddie Jackson than he deserved in an All-Pro season, but he did have some glaring missed tackles at times. However, those kinds of gambles are what leads to the big plays that he made frequently last season.
  • Cody Parkey appeared right about where he should have. I gave him the benefit of the doubt following the first Vikings game but it was all just down hill from there.
  • Khalil Mack only appeared on the list once, but that was because after week one I realized I had to ban him from the list because his stock couldn’t get much higher.
  • I was harsh on Fuller, only giving him one up to two downs, but his stock was so much higher to begin that when he had glaring errors, they were so rare that I had to call them out.
  • Sort of like Trubisky, Floyd’s grades fluctuated but also improved in the second half of the season. Admittedly I was probably putting too much on his lack of sacks early in the season. Floyd has been a nice asset and is turning into a solid all-around player, even if he isn’t the sack artist that was originally envisioned of him.
  • Roquan Smith showed his strong rookie campaign with much more good than bad. He had just one down week to four up weeks.
  • Trey Burton had a November swoon. Some of it I chalked up to missing Mitch Trubisky but overall his year was kind of up and down. I’d say I’m higher on him heading into 2019 than some. Hopefully a full offseason with Mitch makes it much fewer missed passes than 2019. I think Burton was open more, especially early in the season, when Mitch was still finding his way.
  • Jordan Howard was up and down, splitting his up and down appearances. They were also spread out over the course of the season. He admittedly had a strong finish to the season. Personally I know the odds seem kind of slim that he’s back, but I think it’ll be fine if he is.

Anything stick out to you?