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Chicago Bears Create $11 Million in Cap Space with Khalil Mack Contract Restructure

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have freed up significant cap space by converting some of Khalil Mack’s base salary and roster bonuses into a signing bonus. The conversion of $13 million spread over the life of the contract creates an additional $11 million in cap space for General Manager Ryan Pace to spend as he sees fit in this Free Agency period.

The move was speculated during the off-season as a potential lever for Pace to pull in the event of the right opportunity. At this point, it is unclear what player or players Pace is targeting, but it is likely a contract move like this will correspond to a signing.

Who do you believe the Bears will use this newly freed up cap space to sign? Will Pace use this money to sign multiple free agents to create depth before a draft with limited capital or make a splash signing?

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