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Which play from this Bears season sent the biggest chill up your spine?

We got so many responses on Twitter that we wanted to share some of your answers here.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I tweeted out the following:

The idea behind the question is that fans are different. While we can argue and debate which play was “most important” to the Chicago Bears 2018 season, everyone had their own special moment this year where a chill shot up your spine after something (ideally good) happened.

For example, there was one play this season that stuck out to me, personally. After losing in Week 1 to the Green Bay Packers, I entered Week 2’s Monday Night Football game desperate for the Bears to prove to me this wasn’t going to be “just another season” for the “same ol’ Bears”.

Then Prince Amukamara did this:

I can honestly say it was then that I started believing there was something special about these Bears. That play meant a lot to me, and a chill certainly shot up my spine.

The Tweet got a lot more traction than I was anticipating, so I wanted to share a few of your responses here!

Here are a few of the moments you mentioned:

You know I love that play

Which play sent the biggest chill up your spine?