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Bear With Me: Impressive Impressions

On this episode, Robert S. dives into the 2018 Bears tape to talk about which Bears have left impressive impressions. Check out his thoughts on this latest episode of Bear With Me!

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Bears fans!

In this episode, I start out by mentioning the NFL Scouting Combine, talking about why I likely won’t look too deep into its results until after free agency. I also recommend some great draftniks to follow. [START-4:00]

I then touch on the crazy rumor floating around that says the Arizona Cardinals will draft Kyler Murray 1st overall. I discuss what I think Rosen ought to be traded for to make this move palatable, as well as a few other things. [4:00-6:30]

I lay out my format for Impressive Impressions, making sure to clarify what makes a player “Impressive”. [6:30-8:00]

My first player is a defensive highlight machine whose subtle play-to-play impact makes him one of the best in the game. Outstanding motor, heart of the team, I love him. [8:00-9:45]

My second player’s lateral mobility and acceleration allow him to truly turn nothing plays into positive plays. I discuss how his toolset factors into Nagy’s offense and just what makes him so impressive. [9:45-12:15]

I move on to talk about the rookie sensation that’s sweeping the nation and how his big-hitting, playmaking nature sets him up for his sophomore season. [12:15-15:00]

The fourth player on my list made a name for himself on special teams this season while consistently contributing on offense. Formerly one of the most disliked players on the team, this player has come a long way and deserves recognition for his progress. [15:00-16:45]

My fifth player was constantly challenged through the air whenever quarterbacks got desperate on 3rd down. Despite a few defensive pass interference calls, this player consistently made plays against the pass and helped the defense remain stout. [16:45-19:40]

My sixth player made big plays all throughout the season on offense. While some fans would argue that he “didn’t statistically produce enough”, he developed quick rapport with Trubisky and did much to lead a young Bears receiver room. He deserves recognition. [19:40-21:40]

The final player on my list explodes off the tape all year long. With a lightning fast first step, this rookie lineman proved he could make big plays all throughout the year. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see how he develops in his sophomore season. [21:40-24:00]

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Feedback rocks, so please feel free to provide it! Whether positive or negative, I want to make something that you want to listen to. Comments about length, content, anything you have an opinion on is welcome. Bear Down, and thanks for Bearing With Me!