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Chicago Bears Product Review: FOCO Hoodeez

This is a really good hoodie!

From time to time we get emails or messages from companies or marketing/PR firms that want us to check out their stuff or their client’s stuff. We’re always being sent links to NFL Draft simulators, or we’re being offered advanced copies of books on football to review, we’re also asked to check out analytical sites to give our expert take on, and every so often we’re asked to give our thoughts on some Chicago Bears merchandise.

FOCO recently asked me to check out one of their products, and the product they suggested piqued my interest and freaked me out in a ‘big brother is watching’ kind of way. I was recently online searching for an oversized hoodie to get as a gift for my wife and daughter, so when FOCO showed me their Chicago Bears Reversible Big Logo Hoodeez product I immediately cleared the cookies in my browser.

That was just a coincidence right?

Regardless, the big-ass hoodies I was looking at were no where as cool as the one at FOCO.

I’d love to give a more detailed review of the product, but as soon as I opened the package my wife took it.

From what I can gather, the hoodie is warm and comfy, and there is a smaller Bears logo on the white (fluffy) side.

Needless to say I’ll need to get one for my daughter now...