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Who would you hate to see the Bears sign in free agency?

Washington Redskins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Earlier today we asked you guys to give us a player that you would love to see the Chicago Bears sign in free agency, so naturally, we had to get the flip side of this question as a part of our offseason roundtable discussions.

Pick one realistic free agent — not currently a Chicago Bear — that the Bears can afford with their current cap situation that you would hate to see Ryan Pace sign.

I’ll give my take on the topic first since I don’t have a strong feeling either way and remember after checking out our thoughts, make sure you tell us the guy you’d hate to see the Bears sign in the comment section.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.: Honestly, I’m not against the team signing anyone, save for throwing stupid money at a kicker or a punter. If there’s a talented football player out there that could help the Bears win games in 2019, do it. The Super Bowl window is wide open for Matt Nagy’s team, so go get what ever it takes for right now. While I think it’s highly unlikely, I wouldn’t even mind if the Bears added Clay Matthews to be the third OLB. I’ve cheered for Dennis Rodman after loathing him as a Piston and for Jared Allen after he played for the Vikes, Seeing that guy in the navy and orange would be weird, but my fan motto has always been cheer the laundry.

Ken Mitchell: The player I absolutely, positively don’t want the Bears to sign that they realistically could? Landon Collins. This is NOTHING against Collins, who by all accounts is a great player, quality person, great teammate and great with the fans. It’s a value-for-position thing, a non-cover safety taking up a huge chunk of our cap is just not realistic, especially when we have to pay Eddie Jackson after this year. Jackson may be playing like a first-rounder, but he’s not, so we don’t get that cost-controlled 5th year. Strong safety is the least important position on a defense, and if you have to “go cheap,” that’s a spot to do it in. I’d much rather see us re-sign Amos to a reasonable deal than bring in Collins. Don’t get me wrong, if we were to sign Collins I would totally root for the guy — again this isn’t about Collins — it’s about how much money you want to have wrapped up in the safety position.

Sam Householder: There are not a ton of moves that would really anger me. I suppose any of the tight ends would tick me off. I don’t think any would be upgrades over what we have at the position currently or would be significantly more healthy than what we already have. I will also say that idiotic rumor that they’re interested in Adrian Peterson, I would hate that move. Not only do I despise him for his off the field issues and because he’s a former Viking, but he’s also not a fit given his age and lack of pass-catching ability. I don’t see how it would be an upgrade.

Jeff Berckes: Anyone that used to wear green and yellow. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. Besides the fact that their free agents would have zero value on this team anyway (Clay is washed up), I couldn’t stomach cheering for, say, Randall Cobb after all the bad memories. I’d also love to add a “ditto” to Sam on the random Adrian Peterson thing. How stupid is that speculation?

Now it’s your turn.

Who’s the guy you would hate if the Bears signed him?