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Who do you want the Bears to sign in free agency?

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We’ve got another Chicago Bears’ offseason roundtable for you guys to digest today. If you guys have missed any of these so far, be sure to peruse the full story stream below.

With the early negotiating window for Free Agency starting on Monday, we wanted to tackle a couple of free agent things this weekend so we’re knocking out this roundtable twofer that we’ll share back to back.

First up, we wanted to know one free agent — not currently a Chicago Bear — that you’d like to see the Bears sign. Keep in mind Chicago’s current salary cap situation will prevent them from adding “elite” players, so let’s keep it realistic.

After checking out what we had to say, be sure to tell us your guy in the comment section.

Here’s my take on the topic.

I’ll assume the Bears re-up with either Amos or Callahan, and address the other spot in free agency, so I’ll stay away from those positions. In Aaron’s recent mock offseason he mentions the free agent I’d love to see the Bears acquire, and even at 36-years old Terrell Suggs is playing at a high level. Suggs may want to end his career in Baltimore, but the Ravens may be looking to take the roster in a younger direction. Suggs would slot into the Aaron Lynch role and all indications are that he’s a fantastic teammate that would fit the culture in Chicago.

Now let’s go around the table to what a few other WCG’ers had to say...

Ken Mitchell: The free agent I would absolutely love for the Chicago Bears to sign is Preston Smith out of Washington. Yes, he would demolish the rest of our cap and we would have to go cheap on nickle and free safety (although I think you could find a way to make Smith and Amos work). Also, yes, we already have two starters in that position, but the truth is you can NEVER have too many pass rushers, and there are just so many exotic packages you could put in with those those three guys.

The other side of the coin is we don’t know exactly where we will be with Leonard Floyd after this year, so Smith would be ready to go if we give him 4 years. Yes, I realize, it’s not going to happen, and yes I also know that it’s really not very practical, but I’m reminded of the Rams when they drafted the last thing on Earth they needed at the time, a defensive lineman when they were already stacked at the position... Aaron Donald.

Sam Householder: I’d be fine if the Bears wanted to sign a guy like T.J. Yeldon. To me it’s sort of a low-risk proposition. He has twice caught 50 or more passes in a season and is still young (25). No longer do teams need to have a one-two punch of one stud RB and one change up guy. Look at the Eagles team of a couple years ago; Ajayi, Blount, Clement and Smallwood all had over 60 carries in their Super Bowl season. Last year it was Josh Adams, Clement and Smallwood. The Patriots had Michel, White and Burkhead. I would be fine with the Bears going into the season with Yeldon, a draft pick and Cohen. There will be plenty of touches to go around.

Jeff Berckes: I really like the T Sizzle idea from Lester to bring some additional veteran leadership. But if Amos does indeed go off to Denver to reunite with Vic Fangio, I’d like to see the Bears bring in a veteran guy like Tre Boston who can start on day one without losing much from Amos. That wouldn’t prevent Ryan Pace from drafting one of the interesting names in the mid rounds at safety to groom behind him either.

Now it’s your turn.

Who’s your guy?

The second part of this free agency roundtable is right here.