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Bears trade for Aaron Donald!!!

Wow, The Bears pulled off another blockbuster trade! Then again, it is April Fool’s day...

NFL: Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

In a shocking move that was nearly overshadowed by their epic triple jersey announcement, the Chicago Bears have swung a deal with the Los Angeles Rams for superstar defensive lineman Aaron Donald. Chicago will send four first round draft picks to L.A. for Donald, with the picks coming in consecutive drafts in 2100, 2101, 2102, and 2103.

The trade was finalized just minutes after Jason La Canfora tweeted out that the Bears had no shot at acquiring Donald.

The price was steep for Bears’ general manager Ryan Pace, but ultimately he did what he had to do to get another top talent for his team. “Four consecutive first rounders is a lot, but I would have traded even more for Donald.” Pace said. “And besides, I won’t be running the Bears eighty years from now so what do I care about mortgaging so far into the future?”

Donald will join Khalil Mack to give the Bears the most devastatingly, dynamic, defensive duo in the NFL, but Mack and Donald are already arguing which of them is Batman and which is Robin.

Donald said via conference call, “Chicago hasn’t had a Batman and Robin duo like me and Mack since Jordan and Pippen were winning titles in the 90’s, but make no mistake about it, I’m Batman.”

“I was here first, so I’m Batman.” Mack said in a one page fax sent to the media shortly after Donald’s conference call ended.

But then in an interesting twist, former Bears’ defensive lineman, Anthony “Spice” Adams, reminded everyone that there’s only one true Batman in Chicago when he retweeted the following.

Adams’ chiming in has jump started speculation that he’s planning an NFL comeback at 38-years old. “Comeback? Me?” Spice said via his MySpace page. “I am in the best shape of my life, so you never know!”

But back to Donald.

He was also asked about those 2014 pre-draft rumors that he would refuse to sign in Chicago if the Bears had drafted him. “All those quotes we’re taken out of context by some fake-media jackass. I’m no a hold-out type of guy”

Most have taken to social media to praise the move, but not everyone is on board with the deal.

Evan Silva feels the Bears gave up too much for the two-time Defensive Player of the Year, saying, “I don’t think Ryan Pace understands how trades work in the NFL.”

Matt Miller claims to have a source that knows a high level NFL executive that told him, “Pace just got fired with this trade.”

Stephen A Smith said, “The Bears and Ryan Pace are stumbling their way to the 2019 season by trading a boat-load of picks for a well past his prime Ndamukong Suh, when they should be trying to figure out how to get out of that terrible Jay Cutler contract.”

Bears’ fans, what are your thoughts on this historic move?