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Chicago Bears 2019 Season Predictions: 4th quarter

We’re going to predict the Chicago Bears 2019 record in each quarter of the season in this week’s WCG roundtable discussion! Here are our predictions for the 4th quarter!

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The NFL revealed their 2019 schedule last week, so we had to get in on the much-too-early Chicago Bears prediction fun. But to take it in a different direction, we wanted to break the schedule down into four easy to digest portions of prognostications. Former Bears head coach, Lovie Smith, used to like to break the schedule into four quarters — much like a football game — so we’re going to do the same thing here at WCG. And we’re also going to do it roundtable style to get more of our Bears experts involved in the process.

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Here’s how the fourth quarter of the season will go for the Bears.

4th Quarter

Week 14: vs. Dallas Cowboys, Thursday, Dec. 5, 7:20 p.m., FOX/NFLN/Amazon

Week 15: at Green Bay Packers, Sunday, Dec. 15, noon, FOX

Week 16: vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Dec. 22, 7:20 p.m., NBC

Week 17: at Minnesota Vikings, Sunday, Dec. 29, noon, FOX

(All times Central)

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - (3-1, 13-3) Playing the Cowboys on a Thursday in Chicago after both teams are coming off Thanksgiving is a nice quirk in the schedule. I think the Bears have the defense to stymie Dallas and get a big win. I also think their defense will be enough to beat the Chiefs. Sweeping Aaron Rodgers is tough, and the Vikings to close it out could go either way.

  • Getting thirteen wins is going to be tough, and injuries around the league will have something to say about that. I have the Bears winning the NFC North, at no worse than 10-6. The fun thing about this year’s Bears’ team is every game is winnable.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter - (4-0, 15-1) Not only do I predict the Bears sweeping the NFC North this year -- they came within a dropped pick of accomplishing that in 2018 -- but their final four games features the two toughest opponents being hosted at Soldier Field. They’ll assuredly have their first round bye and division clinched long beforehand.

  • As long as the Bears resolve their issues with the ground game and at kicker, and stay healthy, there’s really not a single game that terrifies me. Even the Eagles game, which I currently have as their lone blemish, is winnable if they learn from their mistakes in the postseason. This season prediction would tie them for their best record (15-1) since the merger.

Sam Householder - (3-1, 11-5) Maybe this is bold, but I think Dallas in Chicago is very winnable, especially since it can be treated as a normal game week. Going to Lambeau is always tough but that’s kind of the last dragon to slay, so to speak, as far as streaks Nagy and Co. need to break, so I can see them getting up for that. Especially given their last visit to Green Bay didn’t go as planned. The Chiefs are going to be tough and there will be a lot of hype around that game but I have to give the Chiefs a slight edge as it sits today. Week 17 could be similar to last year for the Vikings, where they are in a win-and-in scenario. If my record holds, the Bears might be on the outside of a bye but they could have seeding to play for too. I won’t trust Kirk Cousins in a must-win game until I see it first.

Ken Mitchell - (4-0, 16-0) Add Dallas to the list of teams that are overrated and under coached. Green Bay may well be tougher in this game if Aaron Rodgers survives this long and the team is functional. We’ll see who melts down first, Rodgers or LaFleur.

Kansas City is another team that it’s much better to play at home in Chicago, but frankly both teams may be starting subs by this point in the season. We proved last year that our subs are a lot better than theirs. What’s up with always finishing against Minnesota? My over/under on Kirk Cousins being benched for poor performance is week 7, in case anybody cares.

  • Bears clinch the north, have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and break the ‘72 Dolphins’s hearts as the first undefeated team in league history playing 19 games (the Dolphins only won 17) by taking out the Super Bowl in Miami.

Aaron Leming - (2-2, 12-4) I really want to give the Bears a (3-1) final quarter of the season, but this is going to be a tough stretch. They’ll face a pair of first place teams in the Chiefs and Cowboys, not to mention their two toughest divisional opponents. As we’ve seen the past few years, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a top NFC team like the Bears stumble a little bit before making it to the playoffs.

  • The good news? I think there’s enough parity within the NFC where 12 wins will give the Bears a first round bye and home field advantage for their first playoff game. There’s no question this is a much tougher schedule on paper but it’s also been proven that using strength of schedule from the previous year, rarely equates to much of anything.

This is a Super Bowl caliber team and I fully expect them to be in the NFC Championship game at the minimum. I’ll let the draft play out and see how everything shapes up before making a final prediction but I do believe that this could be the year and it’s possible that the Chiefs matchup could end up being a Super Bowl preview.

Robert Schmitz - (2-2, 12-4) I’ll believe we can sweep Aaron Rodgers’ Packers when I see it with my own two eyes. While everything about the teams tells me we should be able to sweep them, we haven’t done it since 2007 -- I’ll have to see it to believe it. Bears versus ‘Boys will be interesting, but I ultimately think more of Trubisky than I do of Prescott and more of our defense than theirs, so that feels like a win to me. I think we make a few too many mistakes in Week 16 before smoking the Vikings to end the season, finishing the year with a first round bye and positive momentum heading into the playoffs.

  • Probably my biggest takeaway from looking at this year’s schedule is that every game is winnable. That feels crazy to say, but our roster makes it absolutely true. The Bears could very well outperform the 12-4 mark I have set for them, but I think 4 losses is a nice conservative benchmark to set for the team (again, assuming good health). I think we win the North and legitimately challenge for a Super Bowl -- if Trubisky turns in a top 10 season, I honestly think we bring the Lombardi trophy home.


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Now it’s your turn. Give us your record prediction for the fourth quarter of the season in the comment section and a few sentences about why you feel the way you do.