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NFL reveals that Charles Tillman will announce the Bears 2nd-round pick

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Say what?

The NFL just sent out their updated list of legends and active players that will help spice up the NFL Draft by announcing the picks in the second and third rounds. We’ve known about Olin Kreutz being tabbed to make the third-round announcement for the Chicago Bears for a while now, but the latest press release includes a second-round Bears’ legend too.

But the Bears don’t have a second-round pick?

Yes, but the NFL has to prepared just in case Ryan Pace does what Ryan Pace does and he moves up to get “his” guy.

If the Bears were to somehow make it into the second round, then it’ll be Charles Tillman making the announcement.

IL: St. Louis Rams v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I wonder if the Bears stand pat at 87, will the NFL allow Tillman to accompany Kreutz to the podium to announce the third rounder together? Or if the Bears use 87 to move into the second, will Kreutz come along with Tillman to make the pick?

The former teammates both have post-career experience in the media, and they’ve done some radio together. I imagine their chemistry would play like a mini-stand-up bit at an Oscar telecast.