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Chicago Bears 2019 preseason opponents are set

Here is everything we know about the Chicago Bears’ 2019 opponents, both preseason and regular season...

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We don’t have the specific dates and times yet, but the Chicago Bears announced the teams that they’ll be playing during the preseason this year, and they are as follows.

The preseason finale, which always takes place on a Thursday, is the only date announced. The other three will be scheduled around the weekend listed.

The NFL also announced the nationally televised preseason games, and the Bears didn’t get any

Last year, Chicago head coach Matt Nagy barely played his starters at all in the preseason, and while that was widely questioned at the time, the Bears went 12-4 and won their first division since 2010. They also had their fewest in-season injuries that I can remember, so maybe there was something to keeping his players fresh.

We also know the Bears’ 2019 regular season opponents with the specific dates and times to be announced in a few weeks, and they are as follows.

Home: Packers (Week 1 in the NFL 100th season opener), Vikings, Lions, Saints, Chiefs, Chargers, Giants, Cowboys

Road: Packers, Vikings, Lions, Rams, Raiders, Broncos, Eagles, Redskins