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Who is your favorite Bears rookie?

Our offseason WCG roundtable topics are shifting over to the 2019 NFL Draft for the next few articles...

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Now that you guys have all had a chance to think about the 2019 draft class of the Chicago Bears, and had a chance to learn about some of their undrafted free agents, we wanted to know which of them was your absolute favorite.

“Favorite” is a subjective thing, so there really are no right or wrong answers, and even though a few of our writers went in the same direction, Iowa State’s David Montgomery, we did have a few other mentions as well.

First up, those of us that picked the Bears new running back.

David Montgomery is my favorite rookie by far. Not only will he end any conversation about having a backfield by committee, he’ll develop into one of the better backs in the league over time. He’s a complete 3-down player who’s a perfect fit and the final piece for Matt Nagy’s offense.” ~ Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

“My favorite new rookie is absolutely David Montgomery. Not only was running back a big need heading into the draft, they were able to take one of the four running backs I had graded in my first tier. Yes, it did cost them in a trade up, but I think many will be glad they landed a top option in a weaker running back class.” ~ Aaron Leming

“In my opinion there’s not a lot of other choices (Montgomery’s the only one likely to play much in 2019), but I love his fit for our offense and think he’ll help take it to a new level. Hard runner, great in space, sound pass blocker, hard-working receiver, good at picking his way through crowds up the middle. Check, check, check, check, and check.” ~ Robert Schmitz

“After not knowing much about the fit that Montgomery was to the Bears offense (I watched almost none of him because I assumed he’d be long gone) he’s now definitely my favorite pick of this class. I’m not a fan of trading up for a running back, but I get why Pace, once again, aggressively went up for his guy. Montgomery has exactly the type of lead-back skills this offense needs. He’s a powerful runner, but he has a wiggle to his game that Jordan Howard doesn’t have. Neither he nor Howard is speed demon, but Montgomery will be able to get what the defense gives him quicker than Howard did. Part of what makes him a better receiver than Howard is his ability to get back up to top speed faster than Howard could. Howard would catch a pass, but by the time he got himself back going, the defense converged. Montgomery will catch it and go with a suddenness. At Iowa State he was also a good pass blocker, which is something the Bears need as well.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

Montgomery received a passing mention by these next two, but they ultimately went with the Bears new wide out.

“I’m a really big fan of David Montgomery’s fit in the Bears’ offense, but I’m also really high on Riley Ridley as a long-term weapon for Mitchell Trubisky. One of the best route runners in this year’s draft, he can change direction on a dime and runs routes with impressive body control. From a value standpoint, he was an incredible pick in the fourth round.” ~ Jacob Infante

“Montgomery is obviously the headliner here, but I’ll go in another direction. In my football watching life, I’ve come up with a couple personal preferences when looking at prospects. First, I think that throwing accuracy is the most important trait with quarterbacks, and second, I think that route-running is more important than pure speed. I think that in looking at prospects at those two positions, they are more likely to succeed than a comparable player without those traits and, for instance, better arm strength or a faster forty time. It’s for that reason, I am excited about Riley Ridley. I think a savvy route runner will fit into what Matt Nagy wants more than the top-end speed of a Taylor Gabriel or Kevin White.” ~ Sam Householder

And now for a couple unexpected picks.

“My favorite new rookie is honestly John Baron II. I don’t even know if he’s going to make the team, but he seems like a fun guy, and I love how much attention they are throwing at the kicker position.” ~ Josh Sunderbruch

“My favorite rookie in the class is Kerrith Whyte, Jr. Whyte is a guy who fits immediately on special teams as a returner (I don’t want to see Tarik Cohen out there as our main punt returner any more because of injury concerns) and as that true game breaking speed back that we need. He’s the kind of tool Matt Nagy needs in the toolbox to make the Bears offense truly one to be feared. ~ Ken Mitchell

Now it’s your turn.

Who is your favorite Bears’ rookie?