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Bears’ Mike Davis surprises mom with house on Mother’s Day

A powerful moment that’s been a long time coming for the Davis family.

Mike Davis

Someone very wise once said “life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” When life gives a person lemons, a mother is always the first to help them make lemonade. When life has a person down in the dumps, a mother is always the first to come help them climb out of the muck. When a family is barely scraping by with no dream for anyone in sight, a mother is tirelessly working to make sure there’s a fighting chance. When it seems like all is lost, a mother never gives up. A mother always thinks there’s a chance. A mother has never heard the “fat lady singing”—even when the fat lady is singing quite loudly—and never will.

On Mother’s Day 2019, Bears running back Mike Davis paid the ultimate tribute to his mom: He bought her a brand new house. It’s a fulfilled promise he made to his mom almost four years ago to the day.

One of six siblings while growing up in Atlanta, Davis’s childhood before football was anything but easy. He’s routinely credited his mom for lifting his family up in such strenuous times. When it came time to make a decision about entering the 2015 NFL Draft, Davis’s mom was facing eviction, and it made Davis’s choice that much easier. He had all the motivation necessary to enter the process early. It was all about helping her, about giving back.

Years later, coming off the heels of a lucrative deal signed with the Bears in March, Davis could finally repay his mom for the sacrifices she made in helping him reach his dream. That it came on Mother’s Day in tandem with such a powerful moment of raw emotion made it all the sweeter.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Robert is the Editor-in-chief of The Blitz Network, the managing editor of Windy City Gridiron, and the Bears beat writer for The Rock River Times. Follow him on Twitter @RobertZeglinski.