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Will Trey Burton Ever Live Up To His Contract?

On his latest episode of Bear With Me, Robert S. dives further into Mitch Trubisky’s 3rd Down and Red Zone play before cracking open a loaded Bears’ mailbag.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

What’s up Bears fans! On this episode of Bear With Me, I dive further into the data involved in my latest Trubisky study to tell you all the information that got cut from the article.

After that, I dive into a deep mailbag to answer...

  • What are the chances that Trey Burton will eventually live up to his contract?
  • When does the James Daniels - Cody Whitehair switch happen?
  • Will Taylor Gabriel be gone after this season? If so, is his replacement already on the roster?
  • Who will have a better Bear tenure, Shea McClellin or Mathieu Betts?
  • “What’s your favorite fake swear word and can you use it in a sentence?” (thanks Jeff Breckes)
  • And much, much more!

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Feedback rocks, so please provide it! Whether positive or negative, I want to make something that you want to listen to. Comments about length, content, frankly anything you have an opinion on is welcome. Bear Down, and thanks for Bearing With Me!