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Which Bears’ draft pick was a head scratcher?

Our offseason WCG roundtable topics are shifting over to the 2019 NFL Draft for the next few articles, and this time we want to know which draft pick made you go hmmm.

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Yesterday we asked you guys to give us your favorite Chicago Bears rookie from both the 2019 NFL Draft and also the reported undrafted free agent haul from Ryan Pace and his scouting staff. But today we’re going to focus on the five draft picks only.

Here’s a refresher for you guys in case you forgot what happened...

  • 3rd Round: David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State

The Bears sent New England their 3rd round pick (87th overall), their 5th rounder (162nd overall), and a 4th rounder in the 2020 draft, and in return the Bears received the 73rd overall pick from the Patriots that they used to take Montgomery, and the 6th round pick (205th overall), which they used to take Shelley.

  • 4th Round: Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia
  • 6th Round: Duke Shelley, CB, Kansas State
  • 7th Round: Kerrith Whyte Jr., RB, FAU
  • 7th Round: Stephen Denmark, CB, Valdosta St

We asked a few of our writers which draft pick was the biggest head scratcher, and I was surprised at the lack of head scratching that went on.

Here’s what we had to say...

“Chicago’s final three picks - Duke Shelley, Kerrith Whyte Jr. and Stephen Denmark - were all lesser-known, under-the-radar players, but they’re all talented prospects who fit the structure of their roster, so I wouldn’t say that any picks in this class were head scratching.” ~ Jacob Infante

“I’m not sure any of the picks were head scratchers, but Kerrith Whyte was an interesting selection. He strikes me as kind of another Tarik Cohen and suddenly the backfield is somewhat crowded. Although Whyte will likely end up on the practice squad, I just don’t see a big role for him either way.” ~ Sam Householder

“There truly aren’t any head scratchers for me in this year’s class. All of these picks make sense to me.” ~ Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

“I don’t think there are any head scratchers, if Riley Ridley wasn’t such a value-steal pick he might be, but in the fourth round? I don’t care how stocked we are at a position, you take a talent where it is and then sort it all out.” ~ Ken Mitchell

“There was no real head scratcher for me in this class. Due to the limited draft capital they had, I didn’t see anything too egregious in the draft department.” ~ Aaron Leming

“As for a head scratcher, trading up for a running back surprised me, as did double dipping at the position, but I’m good with both pick ups.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

“My biggest head-scratcher is Ridley. I mean, I get that he was value at the time, and I know he has some upside. If he wants to rip off touchdowns and yards to prove me wrong, I’d love it. I just really wish they’d taken a shot at EDGE here.” ~ Josh Sunderbruch

“Ridley seems like a capable player, but he plays a position the Bears were already loaded at entering the draft. That said, you can never have too many good football players on your team. As a pick towards 2020 I think he’s great value, but he was certainly the biggest head-scratcher in a draft that made tons of sense the rest of the way.” ~ Robert Schmitz

Now it’s your turn.

Was one of the Bears’ five draft picks was a head scratcher to you?

Sound off in the comment section!