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Who is the most underrated Chicago Bears player?

The next two installments in our WCG offseason, roundtable topics are all about the most underrated and overrated Bears’ players. Today we’re tackling the underrated Bear.

NFL: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When scouring the current Chicago Bears roster looking for the most underrated player, there are several ways one could go. We asked a few of our writers to give their picks for most underrated Bear and after I share who I went with, I’ll share what they said.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - Can a second round draft pick only entering his second season be underrated? I don’t think enough is being made of the fantastic rookie season that James Daniels just had, nor of his potential heading into his second year as a 21-year old that may be moving to center. Daniels should be primed for a huge sophomore jump in play after starting ten games a year ago at left guard. I thought he played with good technique and surprising power once getting the nod.

Whether the Bears do flip him (to center) and Cody Whitehair (to left guard) on the interior of their line, I expect both to make the Pro Bowl this year.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter - I have a tie between Charles Leno Jr. and Bobby Massie. Both of these players have developed into a rock solid tandem as the bookend tackles for the Bears’ O-Line. It’s more impressive that Leno Jr. was a 7th round pick who’s established himself as one of the top half best LT’s in the NFL, while Massie was a castoff from a horrendous O-Line at Arizona which has gotten even worse after his departure. Best of all, Ryan Pace has both of these players locked up under reasonable contracts for the next few years.

Ken Mitchell - Even though he got his first nod do the Pro Bowl last season, I think Charles Leno Jr. is the most underrated Bear. Leno is absolutely solid, he’s a plug-and-play Top 10 left tackle who’s one of those ‘decade’ type players. Fortunately, he’s not only a ‘decade’ player, he’s one who’s in a key position; blind side protector. Is he a future Hall of Fame player? No, but he is, potentially, an All-Pro kind of a guy. Credit to Ryan Pace for getting him signed long term for very, very reasonable money.

Sam Householder - I think that it’s Allen Robinson II. Since coming over as a big free agent signing, the Bears added Anthony Miller, Javon Wims and now Riley Ridley. While none of those guys are as good as Robinson, I think there was enough intrigue around them that it took the spotlight off Robinson, so he kind of flew under the radar. Plus he only had a couple big, 100-yard games, so it wasn’t until the playoff loss that people realized how much he was coming on. I think he could have a huge year this year.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you agree with our offensive line takes or with the A-Rob mention? Perhaps you think it’s one of the guys on defensive side of the ball that’s underrated.

Give us your pick for most underrated Bear in the comment section and let us know why.