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Who is the most overrated Chicago Bears player?

These last two two installments of our WCG offseason, roundtable topics were all about the most underrated and overrated Bears’ players. Yesterday was the most underrated Bear, today it’s the flip side.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After yesterday’s roundtable topic let us talk about the underrated Charles Leno Jr., James Daniels, Bobby Massie and Allen Robinson II, you guys knew today’s topic was going to be for us to pick our most overrated Chicago Bears’ player.

Any discussion about overrated Bears is bound to piss off some fans. We get it and that’s fine. The underrated side of things is a more positive exercise, where we’re trying to shine the spotlight on players that need some more notoriety, but “overrated” has a negative connotation to it.

None of our picks were done in a mean-spirited way, but here’s what a few of us had to say.

Ken Mitchell - If I were Jason La Canfora, this would be so easy... I could just say ‘everybody who puts on a Bears uniform is overrated’. Last year, it would even have been easy with guys like Dion Sims on the roster. Now? If I had to pick one, I would say Adam Shaheen, simply because he hasn’t lived up to his second-round pick status as of yet. This (hopefully) may be the year he changes that, but until he shows a lot better sense of balance and body control to me he’s overrated.

The good news is that I really had to reach to find an overrated guy.

Sam Householder - I think to some degree, it’s Tarik Cohen. I love Cohen and what he brings to the offense, but he will never be more than a package player. He’s very good and very versatile, but his size will always limit him from being an every down player. His speed is fantastic and he can certainly live up to the Human Joystick and Chicken Salad monikers, but he also lost three fumbles last year and still loses yards on plays by trying a little too hard.

He is a very good player and he will continue to break open huge plays, but because of his personality and dynamic ability, I think he gets slightly overrated.

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter - If I really had to choose one player, and I honestly think this entire roster is solid from the top down, it would have to be Leonard Floyd. He’s finished a full season only once so far in his career, and when he was healthy he didn’t consistently flash the skill set Ryan Pace hyped up following his selection. What’s more, is even with Akiem Hicks and Khalil Mack commanding a great amount of attention away from Floyd, I haven’t seen him dominate when the opportunities were presented for easy matchups.

He has to win his one-on-one battles more often if he wants to be paid as one of the top half edge players in the league. And I know he’s fully capable of accomplishing that feat.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. - I’m with the rest of my colleagues in believing it’s tough to find an overrated Bear, but if pressed I think some fans are overrating the season that Mitchell Trubisky just had. Don’t get me wrong, I think he showed tremendous growth from week one through the wildcard game, and I think he’s due for another jump in play as he heads into year two of the offense, but I also realize that he was middle of the pack in most statistical quarterbacking categories.

I do think he’s going to prove to be “The Franchise QB” for the Bears, but several fans believe he’s already proven to be that guy. His command of the offense will continue to grow, which will help his accuracy, which will lead to more yards after the catch for his receivers, which will lead to better overall numbers for him. He’ll get there, but until he does, I’m just going to enjoy the ride, speed bumps and all, that Trubisky and the offense takes in 2019.

Now it’s your turn, who is the most overrated Bears on the current roster?