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Rank your All-Time Chicago Bears quarterbacks

With our WCG Top 100 Bears Players list being rolled out in honor of the 100th anniversary of the team, we wanted to get your take on Chicago's quarterbacks.

Chicago Bears Training Camp Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Our WCG Top 100 Chicago Bears player list is up to number 81, and in the last group of ten we revealed our first two quarterbacks to make the cut. Johnny Lujack, who also played some defensive back and kicked, checked in at number 88, and Ed Brown, who also handled punting for the Bears, made it at number 87.

In the Don Pierson and Dan Pompei Top 100 list that they compiled for the Bears, they had Jay Cutler at 85th overall, and as usual with every Cutler topic, it sparked a healthy debate.

We’ve yet to reveal where Cutler is (or isn’t) on our list, but I wanted to see where you guys would rank the Bears all-time quarterbacks. Not in terms of placement on an All-Time Top 100 Bears list in relation to other positions, but rather in terms of where they rank when compared to just the QBs that have played in Chicago.

To get you thinking, here’s an alphabetical list of some Bear quarterbacks that either made the Pro Bowl or are in the franchise’s top ten in passing yards.

  • Bob Avellini
  • Ed Brown
  • Rudy Bukich
  • Jay Cutler
  • Jim Harbaugh
  • Erik Kramer
  • Sid Luckman
  • Johnny Lujack
  • Jim McMahon
  • Mitchell Trubisky
  • Billy Wade

Where would you rank the QBs that have played in Chicago?

At the very least, give us your top five Bears’ quarterbacks in our comment section.

To see the entire list of Bears All-Time passing leaders, you can check out Pro Football Reference,