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Which Bears’ rookie is most likely to surprise?

Our offseason WCG roundtable topics are shifting over to the 2019 NFL Draft for the next few articles, and this time we want to know which rookie could be the biggest surprise?

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With the Chicago Bears’ rookie class taking place in a mini-camp this weekend at Halas Hall, we wanted to ask you guys which member of that class will be the biggest surprise?

Here are the players we listed.

Seventh rounder Kerrith Whyte Jr. had a couple mentions.

“Whyte out of FAU was a surprise for me when he was selected. He’ll also surprise people when he’s given his chances to make plays. He’s a great kick returner and could develop into another fast weapon on offense.” ~ Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter

“With true game breaking speed the Bears need, Kerrith Whyte, Jr. is my rookie most likely to surprise.” ~ Ken Mitchell

Fellow seventh rounder, Valdosta State’s Stephen Denmark, is a classic high ceiling low floor type of pick.

“My rookie most likely to surprise is Stephen Denmark. He screams “project,” but he could also morph into something special. I can see it being a year from now and he comes off the corner in a blitz and just annihilates a dude.” ~ Josh Sunderbruch

I find it interesting that Riley Ridley was mentioned by at least one of us in all three of our most recent roundtables; as the favorite rookie, as the head scratching pick, and here as the most likely to surprise.

“As for a rookie who could surprise, I’ll jump back to Ridley. I think that Stephen Denmark will need a year to get coached up and Duke Shelley will need a year of NFL weight training, but I think Ridley could surprise, even in a crowded receiver field. Maybe he doesn’t have a huge role, but it’s something to keep an eye on.“ ~ Sam Householder

But Ridley isn’t the only wide out that got a mention.

“As far as the rookie most likely to surprise, I’m going to go with Emanuel Hall, who they signed as a priority undrafted free agent. Receiver is deep and he’s nowhere near a lock to make the roster but the speed element he brings is something that could help them in 2019 and beyond.” ~ Aaron Leming

Three us of had the same idea.

“The more I watch Duke Shelley, the more I like him as the eventual nickleback for the Bears. I never heard of him until the draft, but his film shows a feisty competitor. Like many mid-round picks, his technique needs tightening up, but the ceiling is high.” ~ Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.

“It took me a while to get on board with the pick, but I’ve become really high on Duke Shelley as a nickelback. He’s an athletic and scrappy player with good instincts and ball skills. He’s going to need to bulk up to become more consistent in run support, but I think he could be a potential starter for the Bears in the future.” ~ Jacob Infante

“The NFL has a bad habit of undervaluing smaller guys, so the 5’9” Shelley fell to the 6th round despite good tape in a conference known for throwing a TON. While he may never start at outside corner, don’t be surprised if Shelley takes over the starting nickel CB role by 2020.” ~ Robert Schmitz

Now it’s your turn.

Which member of the Bears 2019 rookie class is the most likely to surprise?

Sound off in the comment section!