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Which division rival had the best draft?

The WCG writers weigh in on which Bears rival inside the division got better

Indiana v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

On Friday, the staff broke down which Bears draftee we thought would make the biggest impact as a rookie, as well as which player from the draft class could become a star later.

Spoiler: RB David Montgomery was brought up a lot.

That was to be expected though, with so few top 100 picks and all. But that’s all right, today’s topic had a lot more different viewpoints on it.

I asked our staff, which division rival in the NFC North had the best draft and does that change the Bears’ chances for the NFC North title?

Sam: While the Vikings had the most draft capital, the rival that concerns me most is the Packers. I know Rashan Gary was a gamble, but Darnell Savage was a really good pick and will compliment what Adrian Amos does well. Later on they grabbed Jace Sternberger, who could turn into a real weapon for Aaron Rodgers.

I know that the Packers roster top to bottom still doesn’t worry me against the Bears’ roster, but with Rodgers they always have a shot and they always concern me.

Lester: I like some of what each team did, but none of their drafts really wowed me. All three teams got good tight ends that could be problems for the Bears eventually, but of the three I’d say the Vikings did the most to improve their team for 2019. Of their 12 draft picks, five or six could get some meaningful playing time early.

Josh: The Vikings. Honestly, the Vikings are the best overall team, and the Packers are dangerous as long as Rodgers is healthy. I don’t think the draft had me worried about the Bears repeating so much as concerns over whether or not the Bears will continue to stay healthy and whether or not Trubisky takes a step forward. Healthy and with a Top 10 offense to assist it, this defense can win the division.

Aaron: I’d say out of all the NFC North teams, the Minnesota Vikings had the best draft. Why? Because they had the least amount of holes of the other three teams and addressed them multiple times throughout the draft. Offensive line was a big need and they added both Garrett Bradbury and Dru Samia, who are both very good interior linemen.

Minnesota has always been a vastly talented team but their biggest issue still remains at quarterback. Until Kirk Cousins can prove that he’s more than just a stat producer and start beating teams with winning records in big spots, I find it hard to see them truly challenging the Bears for the NFC North title.

Jeff: I think it’s the Packers as much as it pains me to say it. They continue to invest in their defense, which has been a disaster the last few seasons. Still, I think the Bears are the clear favorites in the division and I’d be more concerned about the Vikings figuring things out now that they’ve added some talent to the offensive line.

Erik: This is a tough one. I personally wasn’t impressed with any of the drafts amongst the division rivals. With that said, I believe the Vikings had the best draft in terms of balancing value with needs. And, no, I’m not concerned about the Vikings derailing the Bears’ chances at winning the division. They’re still paying $84 million per year for Kirk Cousins to line up at QB.

Ken: I think Green Bay has a very high ceiling, very low floor draft class... they could be outstanding or most of the class could totally bust. Minnesota was solid, and Detroit has some guys that can play as well.

Nobody had the “turn the franchise around as rookies” kind of draft, though.

Robert: I like the Vikings’ draft more than any -- they had big holes at OL and did a lot to address them. That said, I’ll believe Kirk Cousins can win big games when I see it. Until he does, the Vikings won’t challenge the Bears.

Jacob: I believe that the Vikings did a very good job with stacking their roster with talent, especially on Day 3. Their third-round pick, Boise State running back Alexander Mattison, is the only selection they made that really puzzled me. They added a lot of possible starters, and I’m a huge fan of Garrett Bradbury for their offense. He could be the anchor they’ve been lacking for their offensive line.

WhiskeyRanger: Oh, probably the Vikings. They had a TON of picks, and added a lot of depth and a couple likely starters. As far as whether they concern me, I mean, I’m not quaking in my boots or anything, but Minny was already the top threat in the division and they didn’t get worse after the draft. So yeah. There’s some concern.

Who do you think had the best draft? Are you worried about any of the other NFC North teams challenging the Bears for a division title?