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Predicting the 2019 Bears’ wins and losses

With the draft now well behind us, Robert S. pores over the Chicago Bears’ 2019 schedule to predict their overall win-loss record in his latest episode of Bear With Me.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

What’s up Bears fans! Now that the draft has come and gone, we can finally make half-decent predictions about the 2019 Chicago Bears win-loss record.

In this episode of Bear With Me, I run through each week of the Bears’ 2019 season and talk about which games I think we’ll win and which games I think we’ll lose. I detail my reasoning as I go, ultimately predicting that the Bears will survive a few surprising divisional losses to turn in a 12-4 overall record.

Here are a few sneak-peek predictions from the pod...

Week 2: @ Denver Broncos - Win

Week 4: vs. Minnesota Vikings - Loss

Week 7: vs. New Orleans Saints - Win

Week 13: @ Detroit Lions - Loss

Check out the show to hear the rest!

Feedback rocks, so please provide it! Whether positive or negative, I want to make something that you want to listen to. Comments about length, content, anything you have an opinion on is welcome. Bear Down, and thanks for Bearing With Me!