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Who is the first player you think of when you think of the Bears?

Whether good or bad, who is the first Bears player who comes to your mind?

Is Walter Payton the first Bears player who comes to your mind?

Through 99 seasons, the Chicago Bears have had an illustrious history as a franchise.

They have more Hall of Famers than any other NFL team, more wins than any other team, and nine league championships. Thousands of men have donned the navy blue and orange, and some of them did better during their tenure in the Windy City than others.

As we approach year one hundred of the Bears’ storied existence, I thought it would be a fitting exercise to try out an experiment that many fans of other sports teams have already done. Over Twitter, I asked you all who the first Bears player that came to your mind was.

I received dozens of interesting replies, ranging from the obvious names like Walter Payton and Brian Urlacher, to the random names like Peter Tom Willis and Harold Jones-Quartey. There were also disappointing draft picks like Curtis Enis and Rahsaan Salaam, but a few stinkers are sure to come when a team has been in the NFL for so long.

Now, I figured I would extend the conversation to the comment section. Who is the first Bears player, good or bad, who comes to your mind?