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10 Most Important Bears of 2019: #1 Mitchell Trubisky is ready to be The Man

For the 11th straight year, I’m bringing you who I believe will be the ten most important Chicago Bears for the upcoming season. Taking the top spot is Mitchell Trubisky.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s make it nine out of the eleven years that I’ve done my 10 Most Important Chicago Bears list where I’ve put the quarterback in the top spot. The NFL is a quarterback driven league and if you don’t have a guy the franchise is all-in on, then you don’t really have a quarterback. The Bears believe that Mitchell Trubisky is their guy, but in 2019 we’ll find out for sure if he can become The Man in Chicago.

Some may argue that he’s already filling the role of face-of-the-franchise, no doubt about it QB of the present and future for the Chicago Bears, but I think he has a lot to prove this year.

I believe he’ll do it, but I’ll need to see his game go to another level before I’m ready to anoint him in that respect.

Trubisky has certainly walked the walk since being drafted with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He has that gym-rat mentality that all great quarterbacks do, and he has shown that he can take to coaching. Head coach Matt Nagy has challenged him from the day he took over in Chicago and that continues now as they enter year two of the system. Nagy pushes Trubisky and Trubisky is always wanting more. He has an obsession with being the best quarterback he can be.

“We talked about it last year, being obsessed,” head coach Matt Nagy said of Trubisky via the Chicago Sun-Times. “He’s truly obsessed.”

His obsession is so deep that the coaches had to insist he take some time away from football to recharge.

There isn’t a quarterback in the NFL that can outwork Trubisky and that’s why I expect him to make another jump in play in 2019.

The Bears gave him weapons in his second year and revamped the offensive think-tank around him, and he responded by making a 17.9 jump in his passer rating. I researched the type of statistical jump quarterbacks typically make in the second year of an Andy Reid type system and you can find that data here.

His knowledge, his familiarity with his teammates, his confidence, and his fundamentals should all be better now that he’s in the system for consecutive years and that’s why I’m predicting the best statistical quarterbacking season in Bears history for Trubisky.

“Everything just kinda slows down,” Trubisky said via Patrick Finley’s fantastic Sun-Times piece. “The game slows down, the installation slows down. Your mind’s not going as fast.”

“It’s just been almost a sense of relief that we’re getting better and better. We’re coming closer as a team. There’s no substitute for experience, so having that experience in games played and in this offense. It’s hard to describe how exactly it’s different, but it’s better. It’s a lot better.”

As last season wore on we started to see Trubisky talk the talk of a franchise quarterback. His confidence grew with the media and the quick, reserved responses started to morph into longer dialogues. We saw more of his personality come through, and we’ve been seeing it happen this offseason as well.

Trubisky is having fun as the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears and he has the work ethic to keep that title — as well as the title of The Man — for the next several years.