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Bears Announce New 1960’s Themed Uniforms, Confirm Home Uniform Schedule

The “Classic” jerseys based on the 1936 design isn’t the only throwback we’ll see this year at home for the Bears.

Chicago Bears Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Your 100th birthday/anniversary happens only once in a lifetime. Sure enough, the Chicago Bears are pulling out all the stops to celebrate their 100th season as a professional football franchise. Earlier this year, we received the confirmation of their 1936 inspired “Classic” uniforms.

In typical fashion, the Bears’ media department published the (planned) uniform schedule on Twitter.

In the most subtle of ways, they actually announced two new uniforms will make their debut during the 2019 season. If you pay close attention to the clip above, you will notice a difference in their home uniform against the New York Giants.

Yes, the Bears are indeed bringing back the old school white “wishbone ‘C’” helmets for their game on November 24th. They later made a separate tweet featuring the “new” helmets.

This will be one of three alternate uniform combinations we will see at home games this season. Included are the aforementioned 1936 “Classics,” the (still awesome) orange jerseys revealed last year, and the 1960’s inspired uniform. And, of course, their standard navy and white combination with the orange wishbone helmets will be used for the remainder of the games.

Literally, the only difference between the modern Bears uniforms and the 1960’s look are the helmets. Yet, I personally really like how the 1960 helmets look with the modern jerseys. A fitting way to honor Hall of Fame players like Dick Butkus, Gale Sayers; along with the rest of the great players from the 1960’s era of the Monsters of the Midway.

Oh, and there’s also an asterisk in the original tweet that states the schedule is “subject to change.” So, perhaps there’s another surprise waiting for us this year...