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Play Fantasy, Pick ‘em, and Survivor Football with WCG

Three ways to play against the Windy City Gridiron community in season-long games

Rich Campbell: Ryan Paces handpicked coach-QB partnership will need to be even better next season Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

Want a fun and easy way to compete against the Windy City Gridiron community? You’re in luck as we’ve got three free games set up to have some fun. We plan on highlighting top performers throughout the year in our article series so join the fun and the conversation. All three games are on Yahoo so you can manage them all from a single app.

Daily Fantasy League

It’s all the rage right now and here’s a free opportunity for you to test out different lineups against your Windy City Gridiron family. Each week you’ll build a fantasy roster with a set budget. Want to play Mitchell Trubisky and Allen Robinson II? Go for it! All players are available – you just have to fit them into your budget. The league is limited to 100 people so sign up fast!

Name: Windy City Gridiron Fantasy League


Pick ‘em

Want to try your hand at beating Vegas? Here’s your chance with a Pick ‘em league! We’ll be picking every game this year against the spread – it’s harder than you think – and we’ll go all the way through the playoffs. Kudos to anyone who can top the magical 60% wins mark.

Group ID: 20321

Password: khalilmack52


Survivor Football

The setup is simple: pick one team a week that you’re sure will win. The catch is that you can only pick that team once. We’ll play baseball rules (three strikes and you’re out) and we’ll accelerate to two picks per week starting after the byes in week 13. The player or players that survive the longest with the fewest strikes wins!

Name: Windy City Gridiron Survivor


Password: khalilmack52

Find me on the Twitter @gridironborn for fantasy questions and general Bears banter!