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Bears vs. Colts Preseason 2019: 3 things I’ll be watching for

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Even though both Chicago Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy and Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich have already indicated that neither will play the majority of their starters on Saturday night, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for fans to tune in for. With the way many of us fans latch on to the bottom of the depth chart underdogs, this game should be a fun way to take stock of how these guys are doing. Tanner Genrtry, Clifton Duck, Thomas Ives, Matt Betts, and Dax Raymond are a few youngsters looking to shine tomorrow night.

The hundred and some odd players that will suit up and play in the week three contest have something to play for, and with the game pitting back-ups vs. back-ups, it should be an interesting way to evaluate the players. The reserves know that they aren’t just playing for their respective teams, but also auditioning for the other 31 teams, plus playing for a coveted practice squad job.

I’ll be revealing my Bears’ 53-man roster prediction very soon, and I only have about 3 or 4 question marks, so my three things to watch for will center around those.

1) Ian Bunting - Right now I have the Bears keeping four tight ends, and one of them isn’t the UDFA from Cal. He had an up and down week one of the preseason after a solid training camp, but then last week he bounced back as a blocker and contributed with a couple special teams tackles. I’d imagine the Bears would like to see him block against live competition as much as possible to help determine his future.

2) Ryan Nall - I don’t have Nall penciled in on my 53-man prediction either, as I have the rookie Kerrith Whyte Jr. in as the 4th running back. But Nall still has a chance in my opinion if he can flash on special teams. The Bears have a little wiggle room on offense depending on if they open up with 6 wide outs. Which leads me to...

3) Marvin Hall - The Bears could use their next Josh Bellamy, a wide out that can play in a pinch, but also be a core special teamer. Hall has covered kicks and played as a gunner in the past, but he’s yet to impress doing that in preseason. His blazing speed has seen him get open deep in each game, but poor throws didn’t give him a chance at catching the ball.

These three guys could all be fighting for one final spot on the roster and their special teams play could be the deciding factor.