WCG UNofficial Fantasy League 2019!

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For the past few years, the month before the regular season involved an increasingly-elaborate buildup to a Fantasy Football league - nay, multi-league TOURNAMENT - populated entirely by the faithful at Windy City Gridiron. I look forward to the announcement each off-season around this time.

However, it seems the king has abdicated his [Iron] throne, as it's that time of year, but our MC for the proceedings, WhiskeyRanger, could not be reached... for comment, or for any other type of response. We hope this implies a sudden realization of fame &/or fortune, leaving him unavailable for investment into petty trifles like a Chicago Bears fan-driven fantasy football experience. The truth is out there. ...Somewhere.

Yes, my friends!

This is unfortunate.

But, it is not the end.

I'll be gosh-darned (does this qualify as an open thread?) if I'm going to miss out on the WCG Fantasy Football experience entirely. ...Jeff and the crew have thoughtfully provide a buffet of new options that may satisfy many of your interests. For that, we are thankful.

But, if draftin' dudes, pickin' which to play on Sunday, and cussin' when you pick 'em wrong again is a cornerstone of your modern football experience, then have I got something for YOU!


WCG Fantasy Football 2019 League Logo

Let me tell you what this league IS:

  • A chance to prove your NFL savvy in a new and different way, against the very same folks you continually debate right here on Windy City Gridiron!
  • A great opportunity to stay in touch with WCG'ers throughout the season and during gamedays IN REAL TIME, without having to brave the danger of the Gameday thread!
  • A breath of FFB fresh air, as the league structure and rules are slightly unorthodox.
  • A respect for got dang tradition, which is completely lost on the KIDS THESE DAYS!
  • The restoration of your yearly opportunity to gain praise & bragging rights from the Windy City Gridiron community, but this time with FEWER PRIZES!!

Let me tell you what this league IS NOT:

  • As ambitious as WCG Fantasy Tourneys past (20 teams max vs. 60 in years' past)
  • Graced with the professional graphic-design skillz of our BFF WhiskeyRanger (but prepare for quality 'developer-art', and all the child-of-the-80s GIFs you can shake a stick at!)

Here's a breakdown of the actual league specifics:

  • Hosted on relatively-new FFB platform Sleeper, it's built around an always-active running chat thread that links everyone in the league together, plus all the fantasy football goodness you can manage with it's various options and flexible rules. (I haven't run a league on Sleeper yet, and I'd like to try it out.)
  • 20 Teams, across 5 divisions -- WCG favorites return: Halas/Ditka/Butkus/Sayers/Payton
  • Top 6 teams (division winners + 1 wildcard) compete in the end-of-season playoffs
  • Featuring...
    • KEEPERS (1/team... hey, if the league takes off, we're thinking ahead!)
    • Current and future draft-pick trades!
    • Multi-team trades!
    • In other words, all the pseudo-GM action you can reasonably expect for free!

Curious about roster configuration and scoring?

  • NO KICKERS (on any roster, and preferably not in League Chat, either...)
  • In addition to kickerless format, there have been accommodations to the large league size...
    • To avoid a completely-depleted talent pool, rosters are smaller & tuned for max impact!
    • 1 QB, 1 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 FLEX (W/R), 1 FLEX (W/T), 1 DB, 2 FLEX (IDP), 3 BN
      • Different FLEX types, allowing teams to start 2RB, 2TE or 3WR (& in the game!)
      • We're going old-school with individual defensive players, giving us access to more NFL talent in a stretched-out league...
      • You're encouraged to start a DEF player from all 3 levels (DL/LB/DB,) but since DL/LB are more flexible based on front, those players are, in fact FLEX. Still need to start a DB though!
    • Scoring is highly-customized, but is aimed primarily at leveling-off points potential across QB/RB/WR/TE. QBs will score less, and achieve less of their score via yards, and more by making 1st Downs and being efficient with their completions.
    • Overall, no one team configuration should be far more viable than others; it's about finding the best players that will contribute week in and week out!

If you're somehow still reading, then you're the kind of fantasy football die-hard that belongs in the WCG 2019 Fantasy league! Here's what to do next:

  • Email midnightstaley-AT-gmail with the following info:
    • WCG Username (imperative -- no WCG connection, no invite!)
    • Your favorite non-Payton '85 Bear...
    • Also, if you were a member of a previous WCG league, your team in that league, for reference
Because the league is only 20-teams at this point, I can't guarantee every past participant would get an opportunity to return, but I'd like at least one prior member in each division -- preference would be given first to the WCG staff who previously managed a league in the WCG Fantasy Tournament in 2018, followed by division winners, etc.

(But, once each division has an established "captain", invite links will be sent out 'FIFO'.)

I'm sure there are a million things to communicate or yet decide in order to carry off this year's fantasy league without a hitch, but honestly, time is running short!


So... let's get twenty armchair GM's signed up, and we'll think on our feet from there.

A good time will be had by all!
Email with your interest, and BEAR DOWN!

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.