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The NFL Betting Odds Pod

Jeff and EJ are joined by Sam Householder to discuss the Bears gambling odds in 2019 and to preview the rest of the league.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins
You there... please don’t hurt me!
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Before Andrew Luck announced his shocking retirement from the game of football, Bears Over Beers recorded a betting podcast to preview the NFL season - and some of those bets are looking mighty good right now.

Jeff and EJ are joined by the resident gambling guru Sam Householder as the guys share a few laughs and work through a hefty slate of picks. While there was universal agreements on bets like the Bears and Seahawks, the guys diverged opinions on several bets - including Sam’s final bold choice.

Here’s how the draft shook out:

Sam: Division Winners - Seahawks (+285), Texans (+285), Saints (-180); Overs - Chiefs (10.5), Eagles (10.5), Dolphins (4.5); Unders - Raiders (6), Lions (7), Bills (7.5); SB - Bears +1600

Jeff: Division Winners - Bears (+180), Panthers (+550), Ravens (+350); Overs - Bears (9), Panthers (8), Texans (8); Unders - Packers (9), Rams (10), Giants (6); SB - Panthers +5000

EJ: Division Winners - Browns (+120), Eagles (+110), Patriots (-500); Overs - Cardinals (5.5), Bills (8), Ravens (8); Unders - Chargers (10), Broncos (7), Colts (10); SB - Eagles +1200

We’ll circle back at the end of the year to tally up the winnings. Let us know below who you think had the best draft!

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