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Kicker drama ends in triumph and Bears roster depth fights for their NFL futures in riveting preseason finale vs Titans

The Bears get a final look at their roster depth and Eddy Pineiro gives us a scare so he can set up a comeback in the preseason finale.

Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears
Who’s a good Bear? Eddy Pineiro claps for himself after making his first field goal of the day.

Today was last chance for many Bears to make their case to find a spot on an NFL roster. And it was our last opportunity to watch Bears football that doesn’t matter to fans and try to pretend we’re still interested in the 4th quarter.

These frisky Bears gave of some highlights to enjoy. If you care, the box score is here.

Pineir Oh dear...

Eddy Pineiro missed his first extra point. To be honest, I was feeling anxious as i watched it, so I have no doubt it was a high pressure situation for him. The overall feeling going into this game was that if he doesn’t screw up, he probably has the job. I’m not an NFL kicker, but I would definitely screw up at the first opportunity if that was my situation. This made me find Eddy very relatable right now, even as I sketch out the timely for Carli Lloyd to become the Bears all-team leading scorer.

Pineir O-kayyyyy...

Pineiro bounced back from his missed extra point with nailing three 30-something field goals straight down the middle. That next-play mentality is the type of thing Nagy loves, so I expect he’s found himself a job.

Alex Bars plays decent+ at left tackle

I’m not an expert on tackle play, but Bars played the whole game and didn’t embarrass himself. And that’s enough to be excited about. The UDFA guard and has shown his versatility over the last two games with Rashaad Coward injured and Cornelius Lucas disappointing. He’s showing a lot of potential as a flexible backup with plenty of potential to develop. So many teams around the league have offensive line as their biggest concern, and this helps ease some of the anxiety I have about the Bears depth.

Ryan Nall adds to his gritty fan favorite campaign

Bears fans will always have a soft spot for a high-motor running back that can carry a pile for a well-earned 6 yard gain. If I’m making the 53, Nall’s getting a spot on it, but I’m still suspicious the Bears will value the potential of Kerrith Whyte’s raw speed too much to give Nall the last RB spot.

Thomas Ives has looked good all preseason

I haven’t really mentioned him because the Bears have too many good receivers for me to imagine him making the team, but he deserves a shoutout after pawing down all of Tyler Bray’s throws and being the most important reason the Bears moved the ball in the first half.

James Vaughters deserves a roster spot

Three games. Three sacks. I’m good with that. Hopefully Kylie Fitts better on another roster.

Bears building an army of ivy league tight ends

Princeton alum Jesper Horsted has made impressive touchdown catches two weeks in a row and was a top target all day today. With Harvnerd Ben Braunecker solidified in the third tight end spot and Bradley Sowell a likely lock as a upside blocking tight end after giving up several precious pounds to convert to tight end, there’s no roster room for these rookie tight ends, but he and Ian Bunting have both made cases for practice squad positions.

Bray of Light

Soon-to-be-cut Tyler Bray gave us an enjoyable performance at quarterback, making some pretty throws and aggressive plays downfield. Thanks Braybe.

This Bears preseason loss sets the Bears up perfectly to stay hungry for the Packers next week. You know, when the score actually matters.

7 days Bears fans.